Packaging carton manufacturers is how the classification criteria

Packaging carton manufacturers is how the classification criteria

Packaging carton manufacturers according to the different paper quality, there are corrugated cardboard boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes and so on. Carton commonly used three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer use less, each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, face paper, face paper with tea board paper, kraft paper, core paper with corrugated paper, a variety of paper with different colours and feel, different manufacturers produce different paper (colour, feel). Different corrugated shapes of corrugated, bonded into the corrugated cardboard function is also different. Even if the same quality of face paper and liner are used, because of the difference in flute shape, the performance of the corrugated cardboard is also somewhat different. Their technical indexes and requirements are shown in Table I. Corrugated board made of A-type flute has better cushioning and certain elasticity, while C-type flute is second to A-type flute. But the stiffness and impact resistance is better than A-type flute; B-type flute arrangement density, made of corrugated cardboard appearance flat, high pressure, suitable for printing; E-type flute because of the thin and dense, more present its rigid strength. Packaging carton manufacturers in the production and manufacture of corrugated cartons, generally according to the box type of the carton to distinguish.

The box structure of the packaging carton manufacturer is used throughout the world by the European Federation of Corrugated Carton Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the Swiss Cardboard Association (ASSCO) jointly developed by the world carton box specification. This specification has been approved by the World Corrugated Cardboard Association for worldwide use. According to the world carton box type specification, carton structure can be divided into two categories: basic type and combination type.

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