Six key words in the design of packaging boxes

Six key words in the design of packaging boxes

The following are the six key words in the packaging box planning, take a look at it.

1、Safety. To ensure the safety of the product and the consumer is the most fundamental starting point for packaging box planning. In the product packaging planning, the

The product properties should be considered according to the storage, transportation, exhibition, carrying and use of safety protection measures.

Different products may require different packaging materials, especially pay attention to the sun, moisture, anti-corrosion, leak-proof, anti-combustion issues to ensure that the product in any case are intact.

  1. Humanization. Excellent packaging planning is necessary to get used to the product storage, transportation, exhibition and marketing, as well as consumer carry and open.

For this reason, it is necessary to make a reasonable share of the box structure, cautious structure and exquisite shape when planning the product packaging box, focusing on the outstanding box shape and raw material beauty, contrast and harmony, rhythm and harmony.

In order to achieve the complete function and exquisite shape of the box structure of the packaging box, it is necessary to get used to the production, sale and even application.

The common product box structure mainly includes handbag type, hanging type, open type, open window type, closed type or the combination of several forms, etc. 3.

  1. Production. The planning of the packaging box to ensure the safety, modeling perfect together, it is necessary to consider whether the planning can achieve accurate, fast, mass production.

Can facilitate workers to quickly and accurately processing, molding, loading and sealing and.

  1. Promotion. Product packaging planning is the product silent advertising and salesman. If the product packaging planning can attract a wide range of consumer vision and can stimulate the desire to buy.

Then this planning is successful.

  1. Environmental protection. In the ecological and environmental protection trend. People are starting to initiate green packaging, reasonable consumption. Only not to damage the health of people.

Do not pollute the environment of the product packaging box planning to become the final choice of consumers.

  1. Artistic sense. Artistic value of the product is more simple to attract the consumer’s eye, to bring a sense of beauty, to obtain the consumer’s favorite.

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