The causes of CTP waste plates and measures to reduce the rate of waste plates

The causes of CTP waste plates and measures to reduce the rate of waste plates

Perfect print quality and good economic efficiency is the goal of each printing enterprise, in order to make customer satisfaction, so that the steady development of enterprises, it is necessary to improve the timeliness of the print, reduce costs on efforts, especially the traditional printing process is relatively complex, grasp the management of the process is particularly important. For the pre-press process, CTP plate making is more critical, in the printing production of a certain amount of plate consumption is very normal, but how to control the waste rate within a certain range is the concern of all printing enterprises. Below, the author on the effect of the use of CTP printing plate 4 main factors, analysis of the causes of CTP waste plate and measures to reduce the waste rate.

  The customer provides the file error caused by the waste plate

  Cause analysis.

  (1) The printing and publishing documents provided by customers have errors and omissions in data content, such as loss or increase in graphic information, but the operator did not carefully check or digital proofing without proofreading on the hasty collage, and then directly output CTP printing plates, resulting in wrong plates.

  (2) The data format of the file provided by the customer is not compatible with the pre-press publishing software. After the high version of eps data is placed into the low version of Adobe InDesign, Prinect Signa Station, Preps and other imposition software, it will cause some of the graphics to appear jagged, garbled, etc.


  When we receive the customer’s file, first do not rush to typesetting, but should check whether the digital original meets the quality requirements of printing and publishing, specifically from the following aspects.

  (1) Check carefully whether the data format of the file meets the requirements of the CTP plate making system.

  (2) Check whether the size and precision of the produced document are in line with the requirements.

  (3) Whether the preset before CTP plate making output meets the process design requirements.

  (4) Whether the color, dot and mesh meet the design requirements.

  (5) Whether the layout design, overlay line, detection signal bar is complete and correctly positioned.

  To be digital proofing after the completion of the above work, and then output samples for quality control personnel and customers to check against the sample, to ensure that the above checks are correct before outputting the CTP printing plate. Do the above points, you can reduce the CTP waste rate from the source.

  CTP plate brand, production batch and storage conditions affect the waste rate

  Cause analysis.

  (1) Due to the differences in production equipment and technical processes used by different manufacturers of CTP plates, the quality of the plates varies significantly. Also due to the CTP plate production environment and raw material batches are different, even if the same manufacturer of different batches of the quality of the production of printing plates are also different. Therefore, CTP plates have a high and low resistance to printing, the waste rate has a large and small.

  (2) plate storage and transportation and storage conditions are also important factors affecting the waste rate, improper storage and transportation will cause the plate to produce creases and scratches, which undoubtedly increases the waste rate. In addition, if the warehouse light is too strong, the temperature is too high or the plate placed too long, will also make the plate surface of the organic photosensitive material film surface dark reaction, light or cause part of the waste plate, heavy or the whole box or the whole batch of plate scrap.

  Solution measures.

  (1) to choose the manufacturing equipment and technical processes advanced formal CTP manufacturers. Especially for batch printing, CTP plates produced by regular CTP manufacturers not only low waste rate, and high printing plate resistance, graphic dot reduction effect.

  (2) in the case of perfect transport conditions, be sure to choose a good seal, temperature and humidity moderate indoor storage environment, temperature control at 18 ~ 25 ℃, humidity control at 55% to 65%, placed in a flat arrangement, and do not stack too high, so as not to plate creases, deformation and dark reactions.

  Improper control of the printing process, affecting the rate of waste plates

  Cause analysis.

  (1) ordinary rubber cloth and air cushion rubber cloth on the printing plate wear degree is different, air cushion rubber cloth with good sensitive elasticity, the printing plate graphics will not cause greater wear and tear, while the ordinary rubber cloth is the opposite.

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