What materials are used in the production of packaging color boxes

What materials are used in the production of packaging color boxes

  In the product sales, many products need color box packaging, color box packaging on the one hand to protect the product effect, on the other hand also play a product clarification, the company’s product brand image to enhance the effect. But what kind of color box packaging is chosen for specific products? Beautiful is important, the cost is important, suitable more important.

 1, card box, the most commonly used is a single powder card box. In addition to the single powder card is still kraft card, PVC film box and PET film box. This kind of card box is generally through the printing after doing the exterior treatment (over the film, over the oil polishing, hot, UV, embossing, frosting, etc.), and then beer sticky forming. This kind of color box is suitable for products with smaller and lighter volume and more batch production, such as: food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.

 2、 Pit box, commonly used are gray card laminated pit paper. According to the specific size of the color box, the required strength is different. Choose different grams of gray card top paper and different types of pit paper, of course, there are also kraft paper laminated pit. This kind of pit box is generally printed on the surface paper and then processed (film, oil, hot, UV, embossing, frosting, etc.) and then shaped by beer gluing. These boxes are suitable for products with larger and heavier volume and more batch production, and the cost is also lower. For example: electronic professional products, electrical professional products, footwear, etc.

 3、 Hardcover box, hardcover box is a broad sense of the term. It is also generally called handmade box in the profession. Some of them are called different according to the different products that need to be packaged. Such boxes are more beautifully crafted, upscale. Of course, the cost is also more expensive than others. Specifically based on the size of the product, the material, the process of the messy degree. This kind of color box is more suitable for the packaging of senior products. For example: senior electronic products, senior cosmetics, senior pharmaceutical products, senior nutrition products, senior gifts, etc.

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