What we need to consider from a product perspective in packaging printing

What we need to consider from a product perspective in packaging printing

When it comes to the printing of packaging boxes, we will say that we have to achieve reasonable, reliable, beautiful and economical packaging principles. However, we know that the number and types of products produced is huge, the function of various products is different, packaging requirements are different, which is the reason why we print out the box is also different. Then we should stand in the packaging printing to consider what problems or attention to the product’s point of view?

First, fully understand the function of the packaged product

Many people may not know the function of the packaged product generally include what we say here generally refers to the function of the packaged product of the physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value, danger, etc., which is also our work before the printing of the packaging design to consider the issue.

  1. Physical state of the packaged product. The physical state of the product that we said in the school state of existence of the object, the first solid, liquid, gas, mixed, etc., the existence of different forms of demand for different packaging, that is, different packaging containers.
  2. The shape of the packaged product. This is better for us to understand, but most of the shape is still determined by the state of the object, the shape is the shape of the product, we need to manufacture boxes according to the shape of the product. We need to ensure that the volume of the packaging is as small as possible, well-fixed, stable storage, and in line with standardised requirements.
  3. Strength of the packaged product. We about those low strength, easy to damage the product, we should give full consideration to the protective function of the packaging, then we need to consider whether to increase the protection measures in the packaging table and the corresponding safety marking.
  4. The weight of the packaged products. With regard to some volume and body weight of the product, the strength of our box requirements are particularly high, not only to ensure the integrity of our packaged products in the process of delivery flow, some as a sale of packaging but also to ensure that the outer packaging is intact.
  5. The structure of the packaged product. The structure of the product determines the function of the product, the structure of a good product it is good pressure resistance and impact resistance. We need to fully understand the structure of the packaged product to make a tailor-made box for the product, and we need to pay special attention to the poor structure of the product.
  6. The value of the packaged product. Products not only in the above we introduced these aspects of the existence of different, but also the value of each commodity is also different, and the value of some commodities is very different; in the value of the packaged product also needs to be considered as a key point.
  7. Dangerousness of the packaged products. This is more we need to consider when we do the packaging box for the product, it is related to the safety of our products and our personal safety, especially flammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous products.

Second, the impact of the environment on the product

Our products are not only affected by the production environment, it will also be affected by the environment in the flow process, different environments will form a different impact on our products, which requires us to adopt the appropriate packaging box for the flow of products in the environment. What are the environmental factors that need to be taken into account?

  1. Climatic conditions. The primary sunlight, temperature, humidity, rain, snow and air, etc., their impact on different products are different, which need to be considered for different meteorological conditions.
  2. Loading and unloading conditions. Should be considered is manual loading and unloading or mechanical loading and unloading, as well as loading and unloading times and other conditions.
  3. Delivery conditions. Products in the delivery process, will be subject to impact, oscillation and other effects, and different delivery tools, the impact of packaging is different. Primary consideration should be given to product fixation and buffering.
  4. Storage conditions. Storage is mostly used for stacking, packaging should be investigated for its compressive strength. In addition, storage is also divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage, the former should pay attention to moisture, mildew, water, etc.; the latter should pay attention to rain, snow, sunshine, wind and so on.

Third, the selection of product packaging methods

Packaging to adopt what packaging methods still depends primarily on the packaged product itself, our packaging printing plant design box is still based on the function of the product, that is, the function of the resolution of the packaging. Selection of packaging methods for product protection is extremely important, (Packaging and Printing House) only on the product function and flow conditions for a comprehensive understanding of the product packaging plan, economic assessment, in order to find the right product packaging methods.

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