UV is what, UV is generally used where it, the next to explain its use in planning and manufacturing. In the booklet printing universal manual, or gift box printing process, people seek a better appearance effect, the choice of partial or full UV printing method, can reach a very good effect, and UV film, but also in this effect.

Each kind of wine and each country’s wine label content is not completely the same. I divide it into white wine, whiskey, vodka, brandy, wine, beer wine label content to discuss. White wine, whiskey, brandy and vodka wine label content.

White wine, red wine, brandy and vodka wine label content generally contains brand, origin, type of alcohol, grade, year and bottling place, alcohol content, capacity, ingredients and other information. According to the aroma of liquor, it can be divided into strong fragrance type, cheong fragrance type, rice fragrance type, sauce fragrance type and other fragrance type liquor, and according to the production process, it can be divided into solid method liquor and liquid method liquor. Therefore, in addition to the above information, the liquor label also indicates the aroma and production process of the wine, and other categories of wine are generally not expressed as liquor, but curved wine, such as, for example, big currant, special currant, small currant, etc. 9 Whiskey, brandy and vodka on the label, generally marked directly on the liquor category.

UV is generally widely used in the planning and manufacturing of packaging boxes with, can make the flat plan to add a sense of three-dimensional and novelty. Generally used in the Dutch board laminated special paper or printing paper. After the processing of the box more three-dimensional sense and ornamental can add wings to the tiger.

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