Analysis of the causes of UV printing color difference in packaging printing

Analysis of the causes of UV printing color difference in packaging printing

In a way, the UV printing process is now much simpler than the traditional screen printing and other processes, but there is still a lack of aspects, such as in the mapping, repair, guide, set curves and other messy links. Because of the UV printer and printing technology differences and constraints, coupled with environmental factors, so in packaging printing will affect the quality of UV printing, so what are the elements that lead to UV printing color difference?

Packaging box printing factory because in the actual printing production will be subject to the constraints of many conditions, we can not do, completely eliminate the color error, so we can only be adjusted to make the color quality difference control within a reasonable color standard.

1, UV printing out of the color and computer monitor to see the gap.

Computer monitor will be different brands, models and individual color values set parameters, resulting in a different perspective on the viewing color. Based on the computer monitor is based on RGB color light into the image, while the print is CMYK four colors to adjust the color. The two principles are very different, will lead to screen color and printing products to produce serious color difference, never use the screen color to correct the color.

2, UV printing environmental factors

Environmental factors are also the main reason for the differences in the impact of printing color, such as printing time, UV ink quality, temperature, humidity, raw material characteristics, etc., and sometimes there are some factors that people can not control the impact, which will affect the differences in printing color.

3, color color value problem

We are in the color production, require the lightest color color value of not less than 8%, otherwise it will lead to the inability to print. Please do not use four-color black, or four-color gray, which simply leads to severe color differences after printing.

Planning the original picture color is RBG, not CMYK; prevent the use of special colors, when the picture is purchased from other places of the library, or from other places to provide material, sometimes hidden special color description file and did not find, resulting in the entire printing color all discolored, the color difference results will be the entire comprehensive color difference.

4, the characteristics of raw materials will also affect the chromatic aberration

In UV printing, we must also take into account the characteristics of the printing materials, because each raw material has a different base color and ink adsorption characteristics, if the planning can master the qualities of the printing materials, then we will be more smooth in the use of color, generally the darker the base color of the raw materials, the more simple to produce chromatic aberration.

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