Cultural concept of packaging design and advertising elements

Cultural concept of packaging design and advertising elements

The civilizational concept of modern packaging planning
The famous civilization anthropologist Malinowski said, “In human social life, the needs of all living things have been transformed into the needs of civilization.” Modern packaging planning is precisely a civilization-based, life-based, modern-oriented planning discipline. Therefore we should treat packaging planning as a civilizational shape, both in theory and in practice.

Packaging planning civilization structure level

  Civilization is the sum of material and spiritual wealth invented in the course of human prehistory practice, so can packaging planning civilization be said to contain all the ways of behavior of people and the things invented to satisfy these ways of behavior, as well as the mental concepts based on these aspects? Generally speaking, these composite whole composed of many planning civilization elements can be divided into three levels.

First, the material layer of packaging planning, which is the surface layer of planning civilization, refers primarily to the material carrier containing the elements of planning civilization, which has the characteristics of materiality, fundamentality and fungibility. Such as a variety of packaging planning parts and packaging planning products, the exchange of products and the customer’s consumption behavior in the use of packaging products.

Second, the packaging planning arrangement principle layer, which is the middle layer of the planning civilization, but also the materialization of the inner layer of the planning civilization, which has strong characteristics of age and continuity. The first contains the coordination of the relationship between the elements of the planning system, standardize the planning behavior and discriminate, correct the planning arrangement principles. Packaging planning civilization in the world is more advanced countries have their own corresponding more complete arrangement principles. And the packaging planning civilization is more backward countries, most of the arrangement principles are incomplete, they are scattered in other such as policy, economic, civilization and legal principles of arrangement, there is no sound independent system and position. If there is no this level, the individual of planning will certainly be in disorder.

Third, the conceptual layer of packaging planning. It is a civilizational state of mind, in the center and dominant position, is the root and basis of all the activities of the elements of the planning system. The development of science and technology, the advance of productivity and civilization, the impact of packaging planning civilization, the primary manifestation of the concept of production and life, values, thinking, aesthetic concepts, moral and ethical concepts, national mental concepts. It is the most stable part of the planning civilization structure, and is also the soul of the planning civilization. It exists in the human heart, such as the development of change, will eventually be expressed directly or indirectly at the level of the principles of the arrangement, and thus provide for their own development and laws, absorb, develop or exclude heterogeneous elements of civilization, the trend of development of planning civilization.
The three aspects of the structure of packaging planning civilization, related to each other, constitute a system that constitutes the organic whole of packaging planning civilization. The material layer of packaging planning civilization is the most active element, which is active and convenient to communicate frequently, together with the change and development of packaging planning civilization is always the first to be expressed in its own. Such as China’s reform and opening up, learning from foreign advanced science, civilization and skills, the entry of decorations is playing the role of this civilization impact pioneer
role. In the market, product packaging updates and generations, and endless. The principle of arrangement is the most prestigious element, which stipulates the overall nature of packaging planning civilization, is the planning of intergroup relations to maintain the important hub, but also packaging planning to be scientifically useful implementation of the guarantee. This level is constituted by a set of internal principles system, and then become the packaging planner engaged in planning activities of the guidelines. Furthermore, the inner layer of mental knowledge is correspondingly more preserved, solid, is the planning civilization
The central place of the planning civilization. Different planning concepts will bring different approaches to behavior and social outcomes, to know the new environment imposed on us by the new requirements, and master the new ideas, new concepts and new means to meet such new requirements, which is the new height of the planning concept. The three are interdependent, combined with each other, infiltrated with each other, and reflected in each specific packaging planning activities and planning works.
Packaging planning civilization of the nationality and age
Elements of packaging civilization spread in time and space. In a certain space of existence, that is, with a certain social people related to the certainty, the packaging planning civilization of ethnicity; as civilization in a certain time of existence, that is, with a certain social history of change related to the certainty, the packaging planning civilization of the era. Ethnicity and age constitute the social and essential characteristics of packaging planning civilization.
The nationality of packaging planning civilization involves the genesis of civilization. Just because the world’s civilization does not come from the same source, of course, there is the problem of nationality. The nationality of packaging planning civilization is first and foremost expressed in the conceptual level of the structure of packaging planning civilization, which reflects the mental commonality of the whole nation. Different nationalities and different environments cause different civilizational concepts, which are directly and indirectly expressed in their own planning activities and products. Such as the scientific, logical and rigorous, rational style of German planning, Japan’s novel, flexible, light and small and full of human characteristics, as well as the Italian planning of elegant and romantic mood, etc., these are all born in the atmosphere of their different national civilization concepts. The smoothness, satisfaction, connotation and approach integrity and symmetry of Chinese packaging planning style is also the refraction of the inward-looking mental characteristics and relatively preserved social knowledge of our people.
As the principle of planning arrangement is born from the concept of planning knowledge, is the materialization of planning knowledge, is derived from the national planning knowledge, so it is guided by the same planning concept of people’s activities and practical role, are therefore clothed in different national colors, branded with ethnicity.
Of course, the national nature of packaging planning civilization is not just a stable, preserved side, it is in line with the age of the opposition, following the change of social life, social concepts, and also in their own opposition to the consistency of the continuous updating, development of their own characteristics. Therefore, we must not be caught in the self-centered knowledge, the path of national localization; otherwise, it will be extinguished in its own square inch.

Packaging planning civilization is not only national, but also the era.

  After the formation of a national community, it constitutes a long and winding process of historical development. In the different stages of this historical process, the national civilization will show a series of era-specific characteristics. As long as we acknowledge the bearability and development of packaging planning civilization, there will be packaging planning civilization of the age of existence. This is because packaging planning civilization is primarily a process of historical development, is the superposition and acceptance of the planning civilization of the nation's various eras, is based on the reality of the material society of the era, is the precipitation of traditional planning civilization and the continuous abandonment of the antithetical consistency, the antithetical consistency of historical and realistic.
  Packaging planning civilization has its age, reflected first and foremost in the packaging planning civilization arrangement principle and material outer layer. But the planning is following the times, focusing on the concept. In today's economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the subjective approach to society has undergone fundamental changes. In particular, the widespread and high-speed dissemination of information, the openness of the concept of agitation more and more intense, the diversification of social structure and values, aesthetic concepts, etc., the frequent interaction between people, the increasing demands of society and people, the crisis of power, environment and ecology brought about by the alienation of industrial civilization. In the face of all this whether we can get used to it, use it, so that packaging planning has become a product of the times. This has become an important task for planners today.
  The chronological character of packaging planning civilization naturally makes our planning activities and products cannot be measured by a definite norm. Different eras have their own norms, can not take today's or yesterday's norms as a certain, unique norms, for the judging of the planning civilization of the past history is necessary to know itself is the past history, each era of packaging planning civilization has its own certain content, have their own concept system, have their own historical development, have the imprint of the era, so have the limitations of the era accordingly. Without this knowledge, we can not have a comprehensive grasp of the age of packaging planning civilization.
  The ethnicity and age of packaging planning civilization is both the content and the approach. These two fundamental characteristics, in the three levels of the structure of packaging planning civilization, generally speaking, the material level is richer in age, and therefore is the most lively element, the most easily endured and prevalent. The psychological level has a strong national character, is more stable and preserved, and therefore changes slowly. When two heterogeneous packaging planning civilizations come into contact under equal or unequal conditions, the first to be mutually

When the two heterogeneous packaging planning civilizations come into contact under equal or equivalent conditions, the first thing to be discovered by each other is the outer layer of the material, and after a long period of practice, they can gradually know the middle layer, that is, the level of theoretical arrangement principles, and finally, they can experience the central level of their respective mental concepts. The development of Japan’s post-war packaging industry, as well as China’s packaging industry since the reform and opening up from the introduction of material skills and equipment, to the introduction of a variety of advanced arrangements and management principles, until the entry of modern packaging planning concepts are clear on this point.
The composition and development of nationality is mostly based on fashion, and the nationality of packaging planning civilization means the selection of the era, and in the treatment of traditional civilization issues in terms of value orientation, inheritance is the source and beyond should be its direction. It is necessary for planners to know clearly the surrounding world and its development trends, and to see the close relationship between planning and various disciplines, then consciously update and expand our general knowledge, break free from the shackles of traditional concepts, and promote the renewal and development of packaging planning civilization.

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