What are the criteria for classifying the material of packaging boxes

What are the criteria for classifying the material of packaging boxes

   There are two major categories: face paper and pit paper. Usually the packaging box face paper commonly used are: gray copper, white copper, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc. "White background white board" refers to: white copper and single copper. The common point of white copper and single copper is that the front and back side are white. The difference is "white copper": one side is smooth and the other side is not smooth. The common point is that the front side can be printed, the reverse side can not be printed. "Single copper": both sides have a coated surface, the front and back can be printed. Gray background gray board has this paper, but it is not used for packaging boxes, gray background white board, it is the so-called "gray copper paper" that the front is white

The front side is white, can be printed, the reverse side is gray, can not be printed. General white card is also known as “white background white board” paper, only the general offer when the abbreviation (except for special white card, for example: white gold card, white silver card), etc..

  Packaging materials
  ①Powder gray paper, white on one side, gray on the other side, the price is lower, double powder paper both sides are white, the price is higher.
  ②Decide the material of color box according to the shape and size of the product. Commonly used materials are: 280G powder gray paper, 300G powder gray paper, 350G powder gray paper, 250G powder gray laminated E pit, 250G double powder paper laminated E pit, etc.
  Definition of packaging box
  It refers to the folding cartons and micro corrugated cartons made of cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard. Generally, the enterprise that produces packaging boxes is called color box printing and packaging factory.
  Packaging box usage
  Generally used as a mid-range packaging method, between the inner packaging and the outer box packaging. Packaging boxes color boxes, generally made up of several colors with each other, give a strong visual sensation, so that buyers and users have a little understanding of the overall appearance of the goods and details such as color. It is especially suitable for goods that cannot be unpacked before purchase. Now it has been widely used in industries such as electronics, food, beverage, wine, tea, cigarette, medicine, health care, cosmetics, small home appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries and product packaging supporting industries, which is an indispensable industry.
Editorial Development Application With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, people’s demand for folding carton will be increasing, and the quality of carton will also put forward higher requirements. To avoid scrap on the automatic folding and gluing machine and to make the folding carton automatically complete the process of opening, forming, filling and sealing on the high-speed packaging machine, it is not only required that the carton structure is reasonably designed in size, but also that the carton sheet has sufficient die-cutting precision and folding and gluing precision. The short version of the increase in live parts, improve processing quality and reduce production costs are also market pressures and problems faced by carton packaging enterprises, which requires the application of new technologies in the production process of carton packaging, constantly improve the degree of automation of equipment, reduce the adjustment time of equipment and the auxiliary preparation time of live parts. Only by constantly adapting to the new changes in the market and meeting the requirements of different users can the competitiveness of paper box packaging enterprises be improved.
  Famous brands of packaging boxes
  Genius Packaging: With the development of packaging industry, Genius Packaging is just like its name, “innovating” new “excellent” products and providing them to the society.
  Wrapping Paper
  Wrapping paper includes gift wrapping paper, and also includes retail wrapping paper for commodities, such as retail packaging for tea leaves. The design of gift wrapping paper needs to pay attention to the continuity of the pattern, that is, the distribution and arrangement of individual patterns on the whole sheet of wrapping paper, which must be in line with the principle of formal aesthetics.
The design of packaging box and consumer psychology The design of packaging box and consumer psychology

  Whether a commodity can have good sales performance must be tested by the market. In the whole marketing process, packaging plays a very important role, it uses its own unique image language to communicate with consumers, to influence the first emotions of consumers, at the first glance of consumers to see it on the product it is packaged to generate interest. It can both promote success and lead to failure, no manifestation of the power of the packaging will allow consumers to sweep away. With the continuous development and improvement of China’s market economy, the majority of consumers have become increasingly mature and rational, the market gradually revealed the characteristics of the “buyer’s market”, which not only increases the difficulty of product marketing, but also makes the packaging design encounter unprecedented challenges, driving the product packaging to grasp the public’s consumer psychology, towards a more scientific, higher level of development. High-level development.

  Packaging has become the main act of marketing in actual commercial activities, and inevitably has a close relationship with the psychological activities of consumers. As a packaging designer, if you do not understand the psychology of consumption, you will be blind. How to attract the attention of consumers, and how to further stimulate their interest and induce them to take the final purchase behavior, which must involve the knowledge of consumer psychology. Therefore, the study of consumer psychology and changes is an important part of packaging design. Only by mastering and reasonably using the laws of consumer psychology can we effectively improve the quality of design and increase the sales efficiency while adding value to the goods.

  Consumer psychology research shows that consumers have complex psychological activities before and after purchasing goods, while differences in age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, education level, social environment and many other aspects divide many different consumer groups and their different consumer psychological characteristics. According to the survey results of the Social Survey Institute of China (SSIC) in recent years, the psychological characteristics of consumption can be broadly categorized as follows.

  1, the psychology of truth-seeking

  Most of the consumers’ main psychological characteristics in the consumption process are realistic, believing that the actual utility of the goods is the most important, hoping that the goods are easy to use, inexpensive and good quality, and not deliberately pursuing the beauty of appearance and novelty of style. The consumer groups holding the psychology of realism are mainly mature consumers, working class, housewives, and the elderly consumer groups.


  Consumers with certain economic capacity generally have the psychology of beauty, pay attention to the shape of the goods themselves and the external packaging, and pay more attention to the artistic value of the goods. Consumers with beauty psychology are mainly young people and intellectuals, and the proportion of women in this group is as high as 75.3%. In terms of product categories, the packaging of jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts and gifts need to pay more attention to the performance of aesthetic value psychology.

  3、The psychology of seeking differences

  The consumer group holding the psychology of seeking differences is mainly young people under 35 years old. This consumer group believes that the style of goods and packaging is very important, pay attention to novelty, uniqueness, personality, that is, the requirements of the packaging shape, color, graphics and other aspects of more fashionable, more avant-garde, but for the use of goods value and price is not very concerned. In this consumer group, children and teenagers occupy a large proportion, for them sometimes the product packaging is more important than the product itself. For this group of consumer groups can not be ignored, its packaging design should highlight the “novelty” characteristics to meet their psychological needs.

  4、Crowd psychology

  Herd mentality consumers are happy to meet the popular trend or follow the style of celebrities, the age of such consumer groups span a wide range, because a variety of media on fashion and celebrity publicity to promote the formation of this psychological behavior. For this reason, the packaging design should grasp the trend of fashion, or directly launch the product image spokesman liked by consumers to improve the trust of the goods.

  5, the psychology of seeking a name

  No matter what kind of consumer group there is a certain name seeking psychology, pay attention to the brand of the goods, have a sense of trust and loyalty to well-known brands. In the case of economic conditions allow, even despite the high price of the commodity and insist on subscribing. Therefore, packaging design to establish a good brand image is the key to the success of product sales.

  In short, the psychology of consumers is complex, rarely maintain a long-term orientation, in most cases there may be a combination of two or more psychological requirements. The diversity of psychological pursuits drives product packaging to present equally diverse design styles.

The color grasp of the editorial box design The color skill of the packaging box design should be noted from the following points: First, the relationship between the color and the packaging object; second, the contrasting relationship between the color and the color itself. These two points are the key to the use of color.

  (A) color and packaging contrast

  So, as the color and the packaging of the corresponding relationship where to talk about it? Mainly through the external packaging color can reveal or reflect the internal packaging items. Make a look at the outer packaging can basically perceive or associate with the inner packaging for what. For this issue, I have mentioned many times in the past articles, but if we can go into the store to the goods on a look, many goods do not reflect to this kind of correspondence. So that consumers can not think from the surface to the inside of the packaging items for what. Of course, it will not play a positive promotional role in the sale of products. Normal external packaging color should be different degrees of grasp so the same characteristics.

  (1) from the industry into the normal color of food packaging class its main color goose yellow, pink to express so as to give people a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, which tea, with a lot of green, beverages, with green and orchid, a lot of alcohol, pastry with a lot of big red, children’s food with a lot of rose, daily cosmetics class normal color its main color more rose, pink and white, light green, light orchid, dark coffee color for more, to highlight the warm and elegant mood, clothing, shoes and hats class more dark green, dark orchid

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