The way forward for label printers

The way forward for label printers

“Intelligent” “digital” is the recent transformation and upgrading of the label printing industry two hot words, how to achieve “intelligent” “digital “, but also every label printing enterprises can not avoid the survival and development issues. “Intelligent” “digital” has two meanings, in the product and service level, refers to intelligent, digital labels products and solutions; in the enterprise’s own construction level, it means intelligent, digital production, operation and management, that is, Industry 4.0. In this issue of “Special Focus”, we focus only on the product and service level.

  Whether it is intelligent labels, or digital labels, the core is data, data storage, data query, data tracking, data monitoring, data statistics, data analysis …… These familiar or unfamiliar data applications, through the Internet, cloud computing, the complexity of the scattered data collection, leading us into the era of big data. Label, as a data platform interface medium, has also been given a new value and vitality. And label printing companies also take this, to the original identity of the manufacturer, made to embrace big data, become a big data service provider of historical opportunities. However, how to achieve this cross-border, benevolent and wise. In the face of unpredictable risks and thorns on the road ahead, the insights and experience of the pioneers is undoubtedly the best textbook and compass. 6 pioneering enterprises have taken the lead in connecting to big data around the topic of “What role do you play in the era of big data?” The “round-table discussion” will help you analyse what is the most suitable model for you to embrace big data? What strengths do you need to strengthen? What challenges will you face ……

  RFID as an intelligent solution in the leader, the application prospects are unlimited, but it brings huge business opportunities always seem to be in and printing enterprises hide and seek, Zhuhai Zhongshifa Technology Company Limited of the Internet of Things services to explore, may be able to give you some inspiration and confidence.

  Digital printing is undoubtedly the direction of development of label printing, but at this stage, in addition to short-run printing, personalised printing, it has what is the value of the undeveloped? May as well look at the results of the exploration of Tianjin Noda Printing Co.

  QR code as a database interface, in this summer and what new highlights, brands and merchants give it what value, whether it can be converted into consumer enthusiasm for scanning the code? I’ll take you into the supermarket in Beijing to appreciate the in-depth marketing value of QR code for a wide range of beverages.

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