Design techniques of packaging container appearance modeling

Design techniques of packaging container appearance modeling

  Many design techniques of packaging container appearance modeling, the following five methods are introduced.

  (1) break the law
  Any traditional, stereotypical packaging container modeling, on the innovation of the design concept, is a kind of restriction. The primary way to break the law is to break this restriction. For example, the square is the traditional, stereotypical modeling, the choice to break the law to cut the four corners of the square, inverted octagon, reduce the upper or lower, etc., to break the original traditional shape, such as China’s gin bottle is the choice of this approach, with the inverted eight corners of the square bottle shape instead of the traditional cylinder, gourd body shape. There is another way to break the law, is to choose a new style instead of the traditional shape, such as the traditional bottle shape is a vertical gourd body or cylinder. And the bottle of wine to go away from the horizontal cobblestone shape is chosen.

  (2) plane method and three-dimensional method
  The plane method refers to the common three-dimensional modeling of packaging containers into a flat modeling.
  The three-dimensional law is the opposite of the flat method, which refers to the common flat-shaped packaging containers into a three-dimensional shape.

  (3) decomposition method and combination method
  Decomposition method has three primary forms: one is the original large packaging modeling decomposition for the new small packaging modeling, such as the famous tea set series packaging is a hexagonal column-shaped packaging decomposition for the six triangular small packaging; two is the original packaging container modeling part of the cut to deformation, but still to retain the original packaging container basic shape, such as the shape of many cosmetic containers are adopted to cut the way, the original Cylindrical body, polygonal body of the part to be cut, so that the depression, defect, indentation, appear diverse; three is the original packaging container shape decomposition into another symmetrical new shape. For example, the inner packaging of Yumeijin cosmetics, is the shape of the cylindrical body is opened to the shape of the half-moon body. Combination method, it is the combination of two or more packaging container shape for a packaging container shape. Such as Taishan Special Qu imitation jade ceramic wine bottle is a new shape from the flat drum type and gourd type composite.

  (4) expansion method and tightening method
  Expansion method, that is, the common packaging container modeling of a part to exaggerate, expand, extend. Such as the cylindrical shape of the abdomen expansion for the drum shape, the upper expansion for the mushroom shape, etc., so as to reach the role of change. Tightening the law is the opposite, the line will be a part of the original packaging container modeling to tighten, such as the cylindrical shape of the abdomen tightening for the concave type, the upper tightening for the round wedge shape.

  (5) strengthen the law and simplify the law
  Reinforcement method is to reflect the image of the product, the packaging container modeling of a certain part to strengthen, highlight. Such as the tribute wine bottle cap design into the cap, the two sides also deliberately added two feather wings, shaped like a cap ear, with white porcelain bottle, extremely vivid image. The law of simplification is the opposite, is the original redundant and not much meaningful part of the shape to delete. Such as designer Sun Qing will be the original Shandong cloth Shanjun rectangular shape of the packaging, the middle part of the contraction process, the two ends of the corner, shaped a crouching Shanjun image, not only to save the cost of packaging, and better highlight the product image, . Received a very good role.

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