“Brand fashion” from the underground small workshop

“Brand fashion” from the underground small workshop

Mr. Liu, who lives in Jinzhou District, bought a set of fashion from a brand clothing store not long ago, but just wore a few days and found that the so-called famous brand fashion has serious quality problems. "Just washed a water, it showed color loss, deformation, and even open lines." Mr. Liu realized that he might have bought fake goods. Therefore, he denounced to the economic investigation part of the public security organs. The city's Public Security Bureau investigative detachment was investigated, the so-called brand clothing stores are "hanging sheep's head selling dog meat", some of the products in the store is their custom-made counterfeit from the "underground small garment workshop". The police arrested the suspect, Wang Mou, on suspicion of selling products pretending to be registered trademarks.

According to the police officer investigating the case: "The police received a public denunciation, immediately after the clothing store to check, on the spot seized a brand of counterfeit registered trademark clothing more than a thousand pieces, counterfeit trademark tags more than 7,000, other miscellaneous trademarks more than 600. "On the basis of the seizure of many counterfeit basis, the police decided to the store manager Wang Mou arrested. "According to Wang Mou informed after his arrival, he started operating the clothing store four years ago, but then felt that the profits of operating a regular clothing brand is not too high, so the idea of counterfeiting. "

Wang bought a lot of remnants of clothing from the Shenyang Five Love Mall, and copy the trademark of a clothing brand, and then find a small garment workshop for processing, these remnants of clothing turned into a famous brand clothing, was Wang sold at a high price. Now, for the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks, Wang Mou was prosecuted by the procuratorial authorities, waiting for him will be the punishment of the law.

5 attention to help you polish your eyes

Nowadays, a variety of brand fashion stores have long been on the streets. The store clothing, is all like the merchants boasted that "all fidelity" it? In this regard, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the investigation detachment of three brigade captain to Feng Ting said, "the overall view, the situation is not optimistic.

The production of fake trafficking has a technique

One is to find a small workshop in the local garment processing, small batch of imitation processing.

Secondly, in the local clothing wholesalers to buy similar styles of clothing.

Third, the back of the search for black printing processing points, the genuine to pure clothing trademark logo, clothing all kinds of hangtags copy; Fourth, the copy of the trademark logo, all kinds of hangtags sent to the clothing processing workshop to find the alteration, packaging.

Real and fake goods can be seen at a glance

First, check whether the soft "trademark logo" on the collar of the garment is clear, standard and uniform.

Second, check whether the garment tag is clear, standard, coding is uniform.

Third, the regular brand of clothing in the factory have "ID", you can check the identification code on the computer.

Fourth, check whether the brand labeled on the inside of the garment "washing precautions" is the same as the "trademark logo" on the collar.

Fifth, pay attention to the payment, the salesman should use the demagnetization machine brush over the clothing code. Chief reporter Zhai Bingjun

Special Tips

Save the evidence to pay attention to the right to defend

Customers in the identification of prevention, but also should pay attention to the purchase of clothing after the preservation of shopping vouchers, so that once the problem, to have a basis in hand. Together, found someone selling counterfeit brand products, customers should also immediately denounce to the relevant parts.

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