The packaging tells the most real life under the magnificent appearance of the commodity

The packaging tells the most real life under the magnificent appearance of the commodity

Packaging is closely related to modern life. Modern social life is inseparable from packaging, and the development of packaging has profoundly changed and influenced people’s modern social life.

Contemporary market economy, commodity competition has bred product brands and corporate culture. The formation of commodity brand name is the physical transformation and physical manifestation of the overall quality and competitiveness of the enterprise, the enterprise through packaging and marketing operations to shape and spread the corporate image. Promote and promote the economic strength of enterprises and cultural connotation of complementary, interactive penetration and internal integration, to develop and cultivate their own brand-name products, and brand products will often be in the market competition to obtain multiple extraordinary comprehensive economic benefits.

Product packaging is a direct reflection of the corporate image site A packaging image includes the corporate logo, trademark, standard font, standard color and other elements of corporate image. Modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the packaging image of the product, because the creation and recognition of brand names, first of all, through the establishment of product packaging image and recognition; packaging products through a large number of repeated display and consumption, its commodity image directly and effectively printed in the minds of consumers. All scientific and reasonable packaging can summarize, distinct, concentrated and profoundly reflect the quality connotation of the goods and show the quality image of the enterprise. This view is widely recognized by the business community, therefore, the packaging has become the most basic and important means to establish the image of enterprises and create brand names.

Internationally outstanding and successful enterprises usually put the packaging strategy in the CIS (corporate identity system), i.e. corporate image strategy, to be considered in an integrated manner. In a broad sense, CIS is essentially the packaging of the overall image of corporate culture; through the packaging, the enterprise shows its intrinsic quality and perfect image to people, so as to win the market and consumers. Therefore. The overall corporate image packaging and product packaging strategy has become the mainstream of modern corporate culture.

Plastic is a polymer – resin as a basic component, and then add some additives used to improve the performance of a variety of organic polymer materials made of plastic as packaging materials is an important symbol of the development of modern packaging technology, because of its abundant sources of raw materials, low cost, excellent performance, the world’s fastest growing packaging materials in the past 40 years, the amount of huge Plastic packaging materials are widely used in food packaging. And gradually replaced the glass, metal, paper and other traditional packaging materials, so that the face of food packaging has changed dramatically, reflecting the rich variety of modern food packaging forms, circulation and ease of use. Become one of the most important packaging materials in food sales packaging, although plastic packaging materials used for food packaging exist to see some of the problems of health and safety. There are also packaging waste recycling treatment of environmental pollution and other issues, but plastic packaging materials is still one of the fastest growing demand for food packaging materials in the 21st century.

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