General knowledge of gravure printing equipment

General knowledge of gravure printing equipment

Printing is a highly specialized industry, and the design of printing presses requires excellent professionals. Without systematic professional knowledge and a deep understanding of the principles of printing, it is difficult to design a high quality, highly reliable machine. Likewise, the commissioning of printing presses requires specialized technical personnel. At present, the domestic major and medium-sized printing machine manufacturing enterprises have the problem of brain drain, which is mainly due to the treatment of technical personnel than other similar industries is slightly worse than the treatment of the reason. This requires enterprises to attach importance to talent, find ways to attract talent, while trying to train the right talent for their own enterprises, and appropriately improve the wages of technical personnel to attract and retain talent, so as to improve R & D capabilities and debugging level.

Print quality improvement in addition to relying on the machine itself parts manufacturing and processing accuracy, installation accuracy, or more importantly, rely on random auxiliary equipment to control the quality of the print. Various control systems on the machine, such as automatic register control system, ink viscosity control system, static image observation system, online print quality inspection system, gravure machine supervision system and tension automatic control system, etc., are used to control the quality of the print. Some other special parts such as discharge drying system, correction system, etc. are also used to improve the quality of the printed products.

The drying system of many domestic gravure printing machines uses electric heating, this drying method has many advantages, but its biggest drawback is that energy consumption is very large, if we transform the electric heating system into steam heating or natural gas heating system, the energy consumption will be greatly reduced. Improve the utilization rate of the energy of the whole machine. Fault diagnosis system can reduce the fault diagnosis time; printing trolley can be quickly positioned and installed, so that the plate cylinder replacement is convenient and fast; tension pre-processing system can be preset for tension; operation integrated soft frame system can be set for printing pressure, drying temperature, air speed and other parameters, so that it is easy to directly call when printing again and improve the effective time utilization; the use of circulating drying system can improve the energy Utilization rate. The reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of the utilization rate of the whole machine are conducive to the reduction of printing costs.

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