What the packaging box factory needs to pay attention to in the process of customization

What the packaging box factory needs to pay attention to in the process of customization

  With the development of communication technology, people no longer rely on the telephone alone for product customization or the purchase of certain items. But this also means that there are a variety of problems that may arise in the communication, just like the customization of small things like packaging boxes, which are also prone to customization problems. So how should you pay attention to avoid these problems in the process of customizing with a box manufacturer?
  The first thing you need to do is to sort out the information you need to provide to the box manufacturer, and make sure that the basic information you provide to the manufacturer is fine, including the number of styles, shapes and sizes, or some special production requirements, as well as the delivery time and shipping methods. It is best to make a good form or information in this regard before customization, so that even if there is a problem, there is a case to investigate.

  Second, it is necessary to select a fixed communication tool, if it is the choice of WeChat, then it is stable to use WeChat to communicate, many customizers are easy to use WeChat while using changes, which will easily lead to confusion among the staff of the packaging box manufacturer.

  Finally, it is best to sign a production contract with the packaging box manufacturer when conditions permit, and to make clear in the contract the relationship of interest, as well as the solution to various problems that arise and the method of transportation and various matters of remittance. After all, in this contract era, the contract proves everything. If no contract is signed, but only a verbal treaty is signed, then it is very likely that problems will not be solved when they break out in the later stages of production.

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