The better the packaging, the better the impression it leaves on others.

The better the packaging, the better the impression it leaves on others.

In 1959, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Guan Sheng Yuan Confectionery Factory started to sell a kind of candy – Big White Rabbit Milk Candy. This very familiar candy has recently suffered more and more cold feet. Surveys have shown that the main consumers of this candy are all over 30 years old, while many children who are at the age of candy fanaticism know nothing about this historical candy or give up buying it because of its simple packaging. Finally, Guan Sheng Yuan Group decided to give life and vigour to “Big White Rabbit” – the exquisite packaging and excellent taste restored consumers’ confidence in purchasing the product. At the Hong Kong Trade Fair, dozens of boxes of the newly packaged “Great White Rabbit” were snapped up in just one morning as part of the five-day reserve stock. After a moment of surprise, I couldn’t help but marvel – packaging, really magical!

Thinking about it, I finally understand the reasoning – the better the packaging, the better the impression of things left to others will be; if the packaging of things can not show its style, no matter how beautiful the content, those who ask for it will be few and far between.

In fact, when it comes to “packaging”, I am most impressed by the late famous performing artist Zhao Lirong’s skit “So Packed” at a Spring Festival Gala in the 1990s. In the skit, Zhao Lirong played the actor of Chinese opera, “Teacher Zhao”, was invited by a company to shoot a “publicity for Chinese opera” mv, but did not expect that the company for the sake of fame and profit will be beautifully “packed” into the Chinese opera and the art of Chinese opera. But I didn’t expect the company to “package” the exquisite opera for the sake of fame and profit into a rap song that is very different from the art of opera, and to “package” the actors as “Marigolds” in avant-garde clothes and trendy music styles. After a good laugh, I can not help but sigh – packaging!

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