12 tips for box production often used by box manufacturers

12 tips for box production often used by box manufacturers

(The homogenization of packaging boxes is becoming more and more serious and advertising-oriented. More and more products rely on face value and copywriting to directly package themselves and then win the proximity of customers. We packaging box manufacturers need to know how to use some small skills of advertising to the manufacturing of packaging boxes. Jiajie Printing has collected relevant packaging knowledge, if your products need the manufacturing, improvement and upgrading of packaging boxes, it is worth to refer carefully.

1, the general order of customers looking at a packaging box is: image – title – body interpretation: according to this order consider examining the packaging works. Since the image is the most conspicuous and simple to recognize, the title is generally more conspicuous than the body, the content of the body is more, and the text is relatively small, so the order of our customers’ interpretation of the box is from image-title-body.

2, 85% of the formal product name no one see? Some people say that the name will not be very earthy, here the need to say is that people love grounded things, too lofty our customers do not like, and too professional vocabulary people are too lazy to understand.

3, the number of people looking at the packaging design in big letters is five times the number of people looking at the specific introduction; our product manufacturers are looking for a product box design, the need to focus on the attention of the place, now people’s time is very precious, the product is also so much, who will be able to pay attention to your products, so to automatically communicate with customers and communication, to attract the attention of customers.

4, to avoid verbosity in the proclamation We need to explain the characteristics and features of our products in the limited space, our key content for interpretation to customers, do not form a waste of display surface.

5, blank increase 1 times, the rate of attention increased by 0.7 times Many people may feel that it is too difficult to master, because it is the proportion of content and blank relationship, it is difficult to do the balance. This requires designers to master the length and reasonable placement of the content at the time of design, and we (packaging box manufacturers) should also take a closer look at the packaging layout at the time of printing to see if the layout is reasonable.

6、Arabic numerals are 25% more impressive than Chinese numerals, because it is close to the actual We all know that Arabic numerals are commonly used around the world, people will feel very familiar, a glance can be seen. That is, Arabic numerals are faster than the text, no border understanding restrictions, “no reading” directly to the brain, shortening the time of people to decipher the packaging.

7, the advertising slogan on the box control in 8-12 words The number of words in the advertising slogan in this range is easy to recall, that is, we say the slogan. Sometimes we often blend the slogan and the title into one, our ability to recall is limited, especially when remembering something for the first time, the difficulty of recall is even greater, so to want others to remember you, the advertising slogan can not be too long.

8, the number of people who look at the image in the package than the number of people who look at the advertising slogan 20% This requires us to package the image length to be large, to meet the attraction, because the image directly determine your life and death. If the title can no longer do to attract people, then you are ready to die again, to focus on the image of the package, that is, the package to work on the image.

9, people’s understanding and limited ability to accept, that is, our people’s ability to accept and limited number, this rule was presented a long time ago. That is, if there are seven products placed in the same layout, you should be the first one to be seen.

10, the image than the power of language 16 times stronger We often say that a picture is better than a thousand words, is the truth. Images are effortless to impact people’s vision and customers can effortlessly see, is something that can automatically talk to customers. If you learn how to speak with images, you will benefit for life.

11、Two times more people look at a triangle than a square. By extension, it is actually easier for people to pay attention to irregular shapes than to regular shapes. This is the knowledge of vision, is the visual mind in the “edge-seeking” phenomenon. Similarly, the same square, you rotate it into a diamond-shaped placement, attraction will also be substantially improved.

12, breaking the conventional form of expression of attention rate doubled This has a degree of the problem. There is a good summary of the previous sentence: outside the expected, the reason. If you get that is not within the expected, nor does it make sense, the performance is very problematic.

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