Tips to note when customizing packaging boxes

Tips to note when customizing packaging boxes

  Packaging color box custom materials should be able to effectively maintain the product. Thus should have a certain strength, resistance and elasticity, etc., to get used to the pressure, impact, vibration and other static and dynamic elements of the impact.

  The common convex printing process of packaging color box production, the use of modern engraving skills to produce the upper and lower cooperation of the negative and positive mold, hot stamping box sub-convex and concave process once completed, the rise of convex printing skills to reduce the bad products due to process inhibition. Gift packaging color box cold stamping process low cost, can save a lot of energy, and high production efficiency, no need to heat before printing, is a new very promising new process.

  1、Separation function

  According to the different requirements of the product packaging, packaging materials should be moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic gas, odor, heat, etc. with a certain obstruction

  2、Better economic function

  Packaging materials should be widely sourced, easy to get, low cost, after the use of packaging materials and packaging containers should be easy to handle, do not pollute the environment, to avoid causing public harm.

  3、Good safety function

  The toxicity of the packaging material itself should be small, to avoid contamination of products and human health; packaging material should be non-corrosive, and have the function of insect, moth, rodent and microbial inhibition, in order to maintain product safety.

  4、The proper use of packaging materials is related to the cost and safety of product transportation

  With the appropriate packaging materials to package products can save a lot of money, with lower costs can also make the product to get the safest maintenance.

  5、Appropriate processing function

  Packaging materials should be suitable for processing, easy to make a variety of packaging containers should be easy to packaging operations mechanization, automation, to get used to large-scale industrial production should be suitable for printing, easy to print the packaging logo.

  If your products in the mall sales stagnant, or sales growth rate is lower than the total growth rate of the mall, we should check your packaging image, the mall positioning, we should consider improving the packaging design, with a new packaging image to occupy the mall from the beginning.

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