Self-adhesive printing colour sequence is important

Self-adhesive printing colour sequence is important

1, self-adhesive printing products have full plate field, and text, lines, pictures. Such as: wine boxes, pharmaceutical trademarks and other printing products, printing the colour sequence is best to print the first text, lines, pictures, and then put the full-page field in the final printing on the machine, so that you can avoid because of the sticker paper thick, the print is not dry when the paper collision with each other rubbed, the back of the phenomenon of sticky dirty.

  2, will be dark-coloured on the front of the print, lighter colours on the back of the print, because the darker ink covering power, strong adhesion, put in front of the first print, easy to overprint accurate, light-coloured covering power is weak, put in the back of the superimposed print a little bit of running rules are not easy to observe, accordingly, the role of overprinting is also good.

  3, often in a printed product, there are halftone four-color electric dots, but also successive tones of pictures, text, lines, at the moment, electric four-color dots should be printed first, conducive to overprinting accuracy, to reduce the elasticity of the paper impact, and then print successive tones of text, lines, pictures, in the printing of the colour sequence arrangement should be recognized as the main priority, the first after the first difficult and easy to be more appropriate.

  4, summer climate change, as well as rainy seasons, to control the temperature and humidity of the environment, the impact of self-adhesive printing paper moisture content is not uniform, wrinkled; zigzagging, on the raking down the warping is not flat, before and after the printing of the cut out of the stacks of paper, semi-finished products wrapped tightly in plastic.

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