Packaging cartons to save costs, the choice of packaging carton manufacturers is very important

Packaging cartons to save costs, the choice of packaging carton manufacturers is very important

E-commerce logistics packaging carton has always been the protagonist of the packaging, not only to ensure that the product is well protected in the delivery, but also to ensure that the packaging is beautiful, the packaging should also meet the lightweight enough to save the use of the cost of packaging. Although e-commerce to prevent the middleman to earn a price difference, but increased logistics costs, so it is very important to select a cheap and high-quality carton manufacturers. But the market of carton packaging professionalism is uneven, how to choose the excellent packaging carton manufacturers? Shenzhen carton factory briefly introduced.

First, packaging carton moulding equipment

In the carton production process, the demand for manufacturers have advanced carton forming equipment, large-scale die-cutting machinery, a variety of shaped carton design and processing. In order to ensure that the printing of cartons and paper products, but also the use of computer design, computer typesetting, plate making, so that the pattern, text to achieve the perfect artistic effect. Advanced equipment, large-scale die-cutting machinery, you can make the standard rate of products basically reach zero error. Produce the carton you want.

Second, professional service team

Strong technical force, with paper packaging industry rich production management experience and technical personnel, which can ensure that the carton factory can efficiently complete the mission, to deal with a variety of problems will not be caught unprepared, it can be earlier than other manufacturers faster than the end of the carton customisation mission. The strength of the printing plant must be able to achieve a variety of processes, only can not think, no can not do, not only to do a good job, but also to exceed the expectations of customers.

Third, price concessions

As an e-commerce business, the cost of logistics is dependent on the quality, interval and product carton packaging. The interval is the businessman can not control their own, the quality of the basic has become a stereotype, so the product carton packaging will maximise the impact on the cost of logistics. And the selection of packaging carton manufacturers when the cost of production has become very important.

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