The four popular elements of packaging bottle design

The four popular elements of packaging bottle design

 If your product is a transparent liquid in a transparent bottle, then there is a way to give you more space for packaging planning and at a very low cost. What I mean is to be able to print some content on the reverse side of the label. Of course, the usual information can not be put on the reverse side of the label, but you can print some content such as arguments, stories about the company, or perhaps ideas for better use of the product. This is a very simple way to give your customers more information without damaging the image of the package.

  Unilever’s AXE range of packaging products has a very clear positioning – young people between the ages of 18 and 35. Therefore, their packaging planning focuses on attracting these people. The bottles in this range are thick molded black plastic containers with a rough surface, very popular with these young people, and using them for body wash is as simple as filling them with lubricant.

 The small drinks market is now well established and competition is fierce. If you think there is nothing new here, then you are wrong. A foreign tea company has launched a special packaging. It launched the product itself is very special – the addition of pomegranate juice tea. The packaging is even more noteworthy. The drink is packaged in a long, commonly used glass item, topped with a lid and a heat-shrink label that reads: remove the label, leave the bottle. The product is about $2.79 a bottle, which is not expensive for bottled tea, but you are able to get a free glass bottle and not have to worry about retrieval.

  Fun packaging is not just for children, adults also love fun stuff. Possessing the mainstream planning style of children’s product packaging, such as bright colors, unusual shapes, the same can be used in the packaging planning of adult products, just a little more exquisite can be. The first profession to incorporate the ‘interest’ element in packaging planning is the wine industry. You just need to spend some time browsing the local small stores, you will be able to find many bottles of wine label printed with horses, penguins, kangaroos, frogs, swans and so on. Do not have to prepare a penguin-shaped bottle, just print a penguin on it to meet it for all to see.

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