The importance of proofing before printing packaging boxes

The importance of proofing before printing packaging boxes

Pre-printing proofs for packaging boxes, which are solid, correct samples that the customer sees in advance before mass production. Theoretically it needs to be identical to the big shipment of packaging color box products. This is because such a sample of the packaging box can reflect the problems when trying, such as whether the scale of the box is suitable, whether the hardness of the packaging box can accept the weight of the product and transportation safety; and whether the planning layout fits the concept that the customer wants to express. The importance of packaging color box proofing is also determined by the planning structure, printing paper material, and the printing cost that customers can accept, and so on.

  1. The paper material used for packaging color box proofing must be consistent with the mass production, and confirm the quality, thickness, origin and cost of the mass production paper.
  2. The specifications of the packaging color box proofing must be consistent with the mass production of large quantities, the tightness of the trial product and the convenience of loading and unloading.
  3. The glue used for sampling before printing of packaging boxes must be consistent with that of mass production, because some special packaging boxes are used in different environments. For example, if it is a frozen food packaging box, consumers will heat it through microwave oven before consumption, and the glue will melt through high temperature. Secondly, it can also test whether the paper material used and the adhesive of the glue are reliable.
  4. A new planning packaging color box, generally there will also be a lot of you can not predict the drawbacks as well as the features required by the customer, in Shenzhen Yingli Printing Co., Ltd, a new box before printing is required to proof. Even if your customers do not have a rigid requirement to regulate the correct box sample, and you take the initiative to supply this service, the process reflects the problem customers are quite grateful to you, which is also a plus to your business and skills image.

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