What are the factors affecting the quality of the box in packaging printing

What are the factors affecting the quality of the box in packaging printing

As one of the packaging tools for various products and commodities nowadays, packaging boxes are loved by major professions. At the same time, packaging boxes are also highly popular among consumers because of their high-end, exquisite, beautiful, therefore, the major professions are also very concerned about the quality of packaging box printing. So, how do we control the printing quality of the box printing factory? Shenzhen Jiajie to tell you.

First, the impact of paper on the quality of packaging printing.

In the packaging printing process, due to the nature of its different paper is not the same, different paper suitable for different packaging requirements; in the previous article we have introduced, the amount of ink required for different paper is also a different requirement.

High degree of smoothness of the paper required ink amount is relatively small, smooth degree of poor paper required ink amount is relatively large. In the same kind, the same amount, the same price conditions, smoothness, whiteness are higher than the smoothness of paper, whiteness are lower than the printing quality of paper to be good.

Second, the plate affects the quality of packaging printing.

Packaging printing plate process, due to the intensity of the light source, the light source and the interval between the plate as well as the length of the exposure time will affect the quality of the plate. When the light source is strong, the interval is short, we need to exposure time is relatively short; when the light source is weak, the interval is long, we need to exposure time is relatively long. In a certain light source and interval, with the increase of exposure time, the plate light part of the film differentiation aggravated, until the light film surface completely differentiated.

Third, the development also affects the good and bad packaging printing.

Developing (printing, photocopying, photocopying, tanning and other professions, so that the image of a process of flash) moment is too long, the plate has not seen the light of the drug film surface is easy to be dissolved, the printing plate will be light, thin, forming the printing of the print is not real, not clear. Developing moment is too short, see the light of the differentiation of the film surface is not easy to completely eradicate, easy to get dirty when printing. The size of the concentration of the development of the resolution of the box is also good or bad.

Fourth, the printing pressure plays a big role in the quality of packaging printing.

Printing pressure refers to the printing plate cylinder and rubber cylinder, rubber cylinder and impression cylinder between each other’s force. It can be seen that the size of the printing pressure will determine the final presentation of the box, different quantities of paper requires different printing pressure, only the appropriate printing pressure to ensure uniform ink colour, thick and thin together.

Fifth, the suitability of the printing plate to determine the final quality of packaging printing.

Printing plate plate base sand intent quality, metal layout hydrophilic and coated polymer resin film surface of the oleophilic and other relations to the suitability of the printing plate, affecting the ink handling and layout of the water-ink balance. We are in the process of plate making, exposure, development of good and bad will also affect the performance of the printing plate.

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