What are the factors that cause color distortion when printing packaging color boxes

What are the factors that cause color distortion when printing packaging color boxes

For the packaging box printing factory, color has always been the most technically demanding and difficult to control operation in the production process of packaging box printing, so it has also become the most important factor to test the printing service and strength. Nowadays, there are many sets of color processing systems in the packaging box printing industry, which provide great convenience to printers in the packaging box printing color control, but with customers' increasingly high requirements for packaging box printing color, it is necessary for printers to understand the main causes of color distortion, so as to provide better services to customers.

The main elements that lead to color distortion in the printing process of packaging color box

  1. Color recovery processing causes color distortion Modern printing generally uses C, M, Y, K four-color ink to reproduce the color, because the ink itself has purity problems, so the packaging color box printing overprint will also produce color distortion.
  2. Color distortion caused by color separation processing Packaging color box printing generally uses C, M, Y, K four-color ink to reproduce color, and the digital collection equipment to collect the computer picture information is generally R, G, B information, so in the printing plate before the need to convert the picture information into C, M, Y, K form, that is, color separation processing. The so-called “color separation” is the color information of each pixel of the picture (generally R, G, B color information) is divided into the color information suitable for printing C, M, Y, K form. In the process of color separation can cause color information loss. In the color separation, as long as the ink, paper and other printing suitability, the correct setting of color separation parameters (such as setting the dot extension value, gray balance parameters, black plate tone, etc.), in order to perhaps output high-quality color separation film, as far as possible to reduce the loss of color information.
  3. The original manuscript has color distortion Most of the original packaging box printing drawings are obtained by means of photography. In addition to the color distortion caused by improper operation in the process of photographing, the color is reproduced through the coloring material and other coloring materials, and the coloring material is very easy to occur color attenuation, so it may also cause the distortion of the photo color. In addition, with the continuous spread of digital cameras, digital drawings of the original more and more, and digital cameras on the operator’s technical requirements greatly improved, because the operator’s technical level is poor, the pictures taken out of the picture is simple to present a dim picture, picture ambiguity and other problems, the formation of the original color distortion.
  4. Color distortion caused by scanning processing The picture density of the original photo is continuous, and the picture information needs to be collected into the computer. When scanning a picture with scanning equipment, it is necessary to divide the picture into non-contiguous pixel points and collect R, G and B information of each pixel point on the original, point by point and line by line. During the scanning process, the color information of the pixel points is lost, and the image processing is based on the collected image information, and all operations on the color are performed on this basis, and the color information of the image cannot be increased. Therefore, for photo originals, scanning is a very important part of the image processing, and improper operation will cause color distortion of the image.

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