Packaging box manufacturers of these printing dust removal method you know

Packaging box manufacturers of these printing dust removal method you know

Good quality packaging boxes are closely related to each packaging printing process, which includes dust removal in our printing, but have you ever understood in detail what are the dust removal methods of the box printing factory? Let’s take a closer look at what dust removal methods are used in the printing process!

A, tape around the paper feed wheel on the dust removal method

Tape dust removal is to double-sided tape or fiber tape around the paper feed wheel, after the tape on the sticky dust removal. The advantages of this method of pre-dusting effect is significant, the equipment is also more convenient. The disadvantage is the use of a period of time, the tape will stick to more paper dust to form a hard block, serious will be the face of the paper pressure out of the crater, briefly fall on the cardboard to form a printing paste or white. So our packaging printers need to use a period of time after the need to clean up the dust on the wheel.

Second, the tape on the cardboard dust removal method

When the printing plate is dust sticky, the formation of printing white, this time the double-sided tape on the location of the printing leak white, and then printing.

Can after double-sided tape will be printed on the dust sticky removal, so you can avoid rubbing the printing plate, the defect is that it may stick to the printing plate or other locations.

Third, inline brush dust removal method

Printing machine is generally a row of brushes, due to the use of time brushes on the bristles and wear and brushes will be crowded with dust. This brush is to be regularly cleaned and maintained, such as brush wear then this brush has no dust removal function. The height of the brush equipment should also be regularly checked, such as a row of brushes, can be changed to a double row of brushes as the best dust removal effect.

Fourth, the roller brush dust removal method

Generally is to add a printing unit, above the equipment 2 brush roller. Brush speed is lower than the speed of the equipment, after the brush rolling speed difference for dust removal, this input is relatively large, but we as a professional packaging box manufacturers or have been using this method of dust removal method.

Five, water dust removal method

The first color equipment a whole printing plate, and then hit the water, after the printing plate dip in water for cardboard dust cleaning. This effect can also be, for the winter, so that the cardboard is not easy to burst, defects on the water after printing briefly deinking, cleaning the screen roller moment is longer.

Six, equipment cleaning dust removal method

Because the carton cardboard workshop dust is relatively large, the paper ash briefly fall into the top of the printing machine and the machine baffle, this is a problem that many companies briefly. Equipment cleaning is not timely, long-term accumulation of dust at the top of the equipment is very much, because the equipment is open when the vibration occurs, the dust falls into the cardboard or printing plate on the formation of poor printing. Equipment cleaning is very important.

Seven, the ground watering dust removal method

The dust on the ground mainly comes from the slotting unit, slotting process occurred during the paper dust briefly fluttered inside the equipment, so to pour water on the ground in the equipment. So that the paper dust falling into the ground will not fly up again, this application is relatively simple.

Eight, dust washing tube dust removal method

On the side of the brush equipment a row of dust-absorbing equipment, and vacuum cleaners similar, only the dust-absorbing mouth throughout the width of this printing machine, dust-absorbing tube can be closed individually, after adjusting the magnitude of suction wind for dust removal.

Nine, cardboard air-run dust removal method

The cardboard directly through the printing unit while running empty dust, and then printing this approach is relatively time-consuming, cardboard pressure stains briefly. Not recommended to use.

Ten, in addition to the dust removal method

This method is the most simple and time-consuming, the effect is relatively good. It is a piece of cardboard with a brush, and then packed for printing, the number of cardboard can be used less, more is not extremely time-consuming.

These are the common dust removal methods used by our packaging box manufacturers in the process of production, which is the key to ensuring product quality, and sometimes the key to winning lies in the details.

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