Packaging printing factory to reveal what is the harm brought by excessive packaging

Packaging printing factory to reveal what is the harm brought by excessive packaging

Our general understanding of product packaging is that we need to package the entire product in one package, but in today’s packaging, many products are only half of the product package. With this change in concept, packaging is easily accomplished with low carbon savings. This not only saves packaging materials, but also exposes the functional part of something. People know at a glance which kind of stuff it is. The outer packaging does not require rated writing and the color printing ink saves a lot.

The packaging adopts a low-carbon concept, which leaves an active and positive impression on consumers, and then increases the sense of social responsibility. In fact, packaging simplification not only wins the image of the company, but if the creativity is good enough, it can directly stimulate the benefits. For example, the bakery collaborated with a gym not far away to launch a “fitness bread”. The key point is in the packaging. The hollow design is used in the middle of the package. The bread can be clearly seen from the outside. The bottom half of the package is a man’s jeans. The upper part of the pattern has two big strong hands, designed to make the bread a sexy six-pack. As a result of the bakery’s change to such packaging, sales increased by 30% and the number of customers at the gym it works with increased by 25%, a win-win situation!
Many readers will inevitably give a thumbs up to the above smart packaging idea. But, unfortunately, the creative design of this “gold” product is “someone else’s child”. When foreign companies constitute a difference in the packaging,? When it comes to environmental protection? And when it comes to the concept of savings, most domestic companies face? The mall is? The old road of luxury lacks advanced ideas and innovation. Way, the wind of excessive packaging has been repeatedly stopped.

Packaging box manufacturers think that the reason for the popularity of excessive packaging is that it is inseparable from the motivation of businessmen seeking high profits.

Of course, the danger of over-packaging is not only limited to pollution. Experts think that excessive packaging? unilaterally seeking the added value of luxury goods packaging, together with the consumption of large amounts of resources? Adding to environmental pollution, it will also make some consumers blindly compare and constitute a respect? The quality of the consumer mentality of neglect. In turn, this mentality will encourage businessmen to provide more flashy products, constituting a vicious circle, as well as long-term suffering consumers.

In a deeper sense, over-packaging can also lead to sprawling waste.? Corruption and other unhealthy trends and “spend to save? against waste” social trend. Since over-packaging is so widespread, it should not be taken lightly. Not only must government departments continue to improve the relevant laws and regulations and normative system, increase supervision, restrain public consumption? to curb public donations, our packaging and printing manufacturers should also be actively involved, so more efficient to get ahead of the game.

But in the long run, in order to complete a more complete? more durable role, to solve the problem of excessive packaging, we must start by changing the concept of promoting frugality and truth-seeking? to start with, in order to create a new social trend. The first thing that needs to change the way of thinking is of course the enterprises, especially the leading enterprises in various industries, should lead by example, enhance the sense of social responsibility, pay attention to sustainable development, by setting higher norms? to improve product quality and stay away from excessive packaging. Packaging printers think that as long as the real input? s true intentions, it is not difficult to create packaging in line with the concept of environmental protection? s environmental requirements of innovation. Once this innovation is completed and put into practice, the brand benefits and social benefits it brings will be extremely rich.

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