What is the process of making packaging boxes

What is the process of making packaging boxes

What should be prepared for the manufacturing of packaging boxes and what is the manufacturing process of packaging boxes? The manufacturing of packaging boxes can be divided into the manufacture of their own craft and consignment packaging printing factory manufacturing, the following look at their own craft manufacturing packaging and consignment packaging factory manufacturing packaging are required to prepare what?

The materials needed for the preparation of self-packaging boxes

The primary materials for craft manufacturing are wrapping paper, small accessories, auxiliary materials, etc. Wrapping paper can be purchased from Taobao according to your favorite, and small accessories can also be deployed more to your liking.

The hand-made packaging boxes need to be made with rulers, scissors, paper cutters, tape, glue, etc.

General handcrafted packaging box manufacturing should first set a good manufacturing style, hand-drawn paper, etc., the craft is not very fine, mainly for packaging small gifts and other personal use.

Process: planning packaging style (hand-drawn, etc.), purchase and prepare the corresponding materials, cutting paper according to the sample, folding and gluing, adding small accessories.

Packaging printing factory manufacturing needs to prepare the materials

Consign packaging factory to manufacture packaging boxes, only need to prepare the planning materials, materials are provided by the packaging factory.

Process: communication needs, contract, proofing, production, inspection.

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