What to pay attention to before entering the die-cutting process in packaging printing

What to pay attention to before entering the die-cutting process in packaging printing

We have previously introduced the various types of boxes in the die-cutting process and what specific requirements each requires, so now we are talking about some of the matters that we need to pay attention to before we carry out the die-cutting process in the box printing factory, as this is a key point in the box processing process. To get the ideal die-cutting effect, in addition to pay attention to the matters in the die-cutting, the process control of each process before the die-cutting is also very important.

What matters do we need to pay attention to before entering the die-cutting process in packaging printing?

I. Box shape planning

We do box shape planning is to plan the main scale of the packaging box according to the specific requirements of the contents. The advantage of doing this is that it can ensure that the product can be put in and taken out smoothly after the box is formed, which is also in line with the environmental theme of saving paper in today’s society.

Our box printing factory will reduce the scale of the clamping knife and change the scale of the relatively minor parts of the paste and the box tongue to save paper and facilitate post-processing when the main scale of the box is determined.

II. Printing layout planning

The planning of the printing layout is closely related to the control of the die-cutting process of the packaging box, whether the planning is clever to a certain extent resolved the degree of difficulty of the die-cutting process. Qualified planning should have a good intention, but also facilitate printing and post-printing processing.

For example, should avoid the planning of the jointing requirements of the product is very high, because in this case, only a slight deformation of the paper or a slight error in the die-cutting, it will occur quality problems.

Third, the selection of paper

In the work of packaging printing, when die-cut into the box, we often find that there is such a problem, that is, the quality of the box (such as the strength of the box) can not meet our expectations, the main reason for this situation is still due to the paper we use for the box is too soft, strength is not, or the box is not square and other issues. So we have to select the one that can meet the quality requirements, or perhaps select the paper with the correct wisp direction.

Only if the direction of the paper is perpendicular to the main processing line of the box can we get a more square shape. For products that require paper laminating or corrugated laminating, it is even more important to ensure that the direction of the threads of the face and backing paper are interspersed vertically. For laminated corrugated boxes, it is also important to ensure that the direction of the corrugated flute is perpendicular to the direction of force on the box.

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