The significance of packaging for products

The significance of packaging for products

(A) Maintain the product

Maintenance of products is one of the important effects of packaging. Products in the process of circulation, may be affected by a variety of external factors, causing product damage, pollution, leakage or deterioration, so that the product declines or loses its use value. Scientific and reasonable packaging, can make the product to resist the damage of various external factors, and then maintain the product can ensure the quality and quantity of the product intact.

(B) facilitate the flow

Packaging provides the conditions and convenience for the flow of products. The products will be packaged according to a certain number, shape, standard, size and different containers, and outside the product packaging are generally printed with a variety of signs, reflecting the name of the packaged goods, quantity, standard, color and the volume of the entire package, gross weight, net weight, factory name, factory address and notes in storage and transportation, etc., which is conducive to the allocation of products, inventory counting, but also conducive to the rational use of a variety of transport Tools and warehouse capacity, improve the delivery, loading and unloading, stacking power and storage effect, accelerate the flow of products, and improve the economic efficiency of product flow.

(C) to promote sales

Exquisite product packaging can play a beautifying product, promote the product and promote the sale of the effect. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of the product, but also its novel and common artistic charm to attract customers, counseling consumption, become the leading factor in promoting consumer purchases, is the silent salesman of the product. High-quality packaging in the progress of export products marketing power, expand export earnings, promote the development of foreign trade and other aspects are of great significance.

(D) to facilitate consumption

Selling packaging with the different products, a variety of ways, packaging size, easy for consumers to carry, save and use. Packaging drawings, trademarks and text descriptions, not only to facilitate consumer recognition, but also to introduce the composition of the product, nature, use, use and storage methods, playing a convenient and counseling effect of consumption.

(E) Cost saving

Product packaging and production costs are closely related. Reasonable packaging can make the scattered products in a certain number of ways to integrate one, and then greatly improve the loading capacity and facilitate loading and unloading transport, can save delivery costs, storage costs and other expenses. Some packaging can also be used many times, saving packaging materials and packaging container production, which is conducive to reducing costs and improving economic efficiency.

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