What are the design elements that need to be paid attention to during the production of packaging boxes

What are the design elements that need to be paid attention to during the production of packaging boxes

In the production process of packaging boxes, we all expect our boxes to be endured by product manufacturers and customers, and to reach the requirements and role of packaging. Then we have to consider the following details in the manufacturing of packaging boxes, which can greatly increase your packaging effect if done well.

I. Graphic planning

In the product packaging, graphics is an essential part. Graphics are more direct and clear than words, and are not constrained by language barriers. And the image implied by the graphics is relatively simple, compared to the text is more easily understood.

Second, the classification of graphics

In the packaging to show the image of the product is the most common embodiment of packaging graphics planning, realistic approach to reflect the true appearance of the product or the use of the product when the real situation, so that customers can directly understand the product from the packaging shape, color, raw materials, etc.. Then I only need to briefly see the graphics on the package I know what it is packed here. I directly understand the product what it looks like, its color is good and how its raw materials are composed of right, this is the physical image of the product in our packaging planning is also one of the most applied techniques.

Third, the origin characteristics of graphics

Each region, each city, each nationality has its own characteristic products, the origin has become a sign and guarantee of the quality of these products, this origin attribute makes the product has a “noble lineage”. For example, French perfume and wine, Cuban cigars, Swiss watches. Each region and each nationality has its own special customs and characteristics, which we can sometimes recognize at a glance.

Four, raw material composition graphics

After some products are shaped by our packaging (box manufacturers), the raw materials are not visible from the surface alone, such as soy milk powder, assorted canned food, etc. The embodiment method of showing the image of raw materials on the packaging helps customers to understand the characteristics of the products more deeply.

V. Logo graphics

Logo, is the product of commercial activities and orderly behavior, the logo is the identity of the product packaging in the circulation and sale process, is the promise and quality assurance. In the recognition of the brand shopping consumer psychology is becoming more and more prominent now, highlighting the brand logo image is particularly important. The standard of living progress then for the quality of life will also have requirements will also pursue the brand right. Enhance customer awareness, customers will think that this is a guarantee. Then this is a brand awareness then this kind of thing then we in recognition of the purchase recognition brand shopping consumer psychology.

Six, decoration graphics

Decoration graphics based on the rules of formal beauty for the creation of planning, the form of generalization, simplification, exaggeration, and the use of repetition, figure bottom flip, contrast interpolation and other modeling rules, to focus on the main features of things. To sum up a sentence is, based on the product itself to refine.

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