The importance of color in the production process of packaging boxes

The importance of color in the production process of packaging boxes

When we buy the products we need, the product (box) plays a decisive role in whether our customers buy the product or not, and the final decision on whether our customers buy the product is determined by the color of the box. Therefore, the color of the product packaging has a very important effect in promoting sales. Here we elaborate and understand the importance of color to the box and to the sale of the product.

With the rapid development of the present era, our way of life and consumption philosophy is also changing, we can see that almost all our products need packaging, and in various ways in the presentation, we know about the packaging also began to gradually have their own understanding. From the beginning of the maintenance of the product evolved into a variety of functionalities such as the shape, structure, color and information conveyance of the packaging box and other functions. Each function has its own effect, which can affect the packaging and sales to different degrees, here we emphasize the effect of color.

First, the function of product packaging

The concept of product packaging: the concept of packaging is very broad for us, we can put things other than can be called packaging. We can directly contact and see the packaging that is the product is wrapped, holding, wrapping the product containers and packaging. Product packaging we can also be divided into internal packaging, packaging and external packaging. Different packaging methods have different effects on the product, we have to select according to the specific requirements.

That product packaging has what function?

  1. Maintain the integrity of the product: products in the storage, delivery, sale, consumption process will encounter different conditions, so to adopt scientific and reasonable packaging methods for packaging, to avoid unnecessary losses.
  2. Convenient storage and transportation of products. It is also convenient for customers to carry and consume.
  3. The intention of marketing products: With the increasing perfection of packaging and technological progress, that is, we are no longer stuck in the maintenance of the product on this point, but how to make our packaging will sell the product, cut our selling costs and build corporate image.
  4. Increase in added value: product packaging is the continuation and extension of product production, good packaging planning can improve the value of the product and the use of value, the product can be protected from all kinds of damage through packaging, and can improve the level of the product, but also to give people a pleasant sense of consumption, invent more added value.
  5. Packaging can show the brand’s civilization characteristics and brand value, and reflect different civilizations.

Second, the characteristics of the color in the product packaging

We know that the packaging has a very important effect on our final sale, now the product can be said to be inseparable from the packaging, now the packaging can be said to have reached a lot of degrees. Packaging is the bridge between the enterprise and customer communication, and the color is the perfect interpretation of the packaging, but also an important part of the packaging is indispensable. Color is an important part of the packaging, but also the most direct customer understanding and knowledge of the packaging elements.

The reason why color is important is that color is investigated by the eyes and can directly affect customers, leaving people with the deepest image. It is clear that the color of our boxes is very important for both the product companies and us (box manufacturers).

What we also need to know is how to use the color and what we need to pay attention to when using it. Because we know that the same color in different civilizations, different ethnic and religious influences, the customary association, understanding and symbolic meaning of the color will be very different. Our planners on the product packaging planning good or bad, must take into account the local customers on the aesthetic value of color judgment and tendency. That is, color has now become one of the intuitive elements to measure product quality.


We all know that color can express thoughts and emotions, so we use color to express a certain thing, behavior, perseverance and beliefs, etc. on the formation of the symbolic meaning of color. Different colors give people different feelings, people can associate with different, so we should pay attention to the reasonable use of packaging. For example, our spicy food packaging is red packaging, can give customers a spicy association; ice cream packaging is blue and white, can give people have a cold feeling. We talk about these are cleverly used to the color degree iconic principle.


Here we say that the prevalence of color refers to the color that is particularly popular within a certain range and a certain period of time, that is, there are certain geographical constraints and timeliness. It can reflect the general preference of people in a certain period, with a great tendency. At this time, we need our packaging box manufacturer’s planner to have a very keen investigation of this prevalent color, and use it appropriately in the packaging planning, which will have a positive effect on the product.


As we have mentioned above, the color represents or signifies different ideas and meanings in different regions and different nationalities. For example, in the eyes of Westerners, white is a very pure and noble color, but in the eyes of Easterners, white is a pale and even ominous color; Chinese people take red and yellow as a festive color, but Westerners think that red is very fearful and very bloody. This is what we need to pay special attention to when we do the packaging box planning, especially the packaging box manufacturers who do export packaging.

However, no matter how our society develops and how the packaging method changes, color is an important part that we should always pay attention to. Color is an important element to attract the vision, and the embodiment of color is an important part of the packaging, and an important means to strengthen the visual communication of product packaging.

III. The principle of color in the product packaging in the packaging planning to beautify and distinguish one of the important visual elements of the product is the reasonable use of color language. We have a reasonable grasp of the principle of color, understanding and understanding, and the color of the important features of a reasonable combination together to complete a new visual image, influence the eyes of the customer, and ultimately complete the intention to buy the product.

To do and achieve such an effect, color plays a central role. Therefore, our planners should make reasonable use of color and accurately grasp the effect of color language in packaging planning, so as to ensure the effect.

1, the accuracy of information conveyed

More than 80% of our information is obtained by visual perception, and the most in-depth memory is also from the visual, which is enough to reflect the importance of visual. Nowadays, many customers lack of reason, and in many cases are excited to consume. We (box manufacturers) want customers to know the product within a period of time, so as to stimulate the purchase behavior, get the customer’s attention is equal to half of the success. Add the visual recognition of the packaging, and differentiate the packaging among similar products, so that our packaging can be distinguished from a lot of packaging.

2、Easy to recognize

Whether it is in the text of the box, or in the color of our box, we should also enhance its recognition. We need our boxes to be able to be seen by customers in many packages at a glance, and to be found based on the overall color of the box. Because what flashes in the customer’s mind is that I know approximately what I am looking for in the product’s packaging, so in many products I will look for it based on my own perceptions, and generally use this way of looking is very fast to find the product we need in many products. So the color of our packaging must be based on the characteristics of the product, and to do easy to recognize.

3, can reflect the level of the product

What we say can reflect the taste of the product can also be said to reflect your product is in which level, it can also be said to distinguish your product from others, adding its own visual attraction. This often requires our planners in mastering the premise of the law of color, bold breakthroughs, stable change, often make the product to obtain a different effect than the conventional.

4, reflecting the overall characteristics of the product

The totality of the product is reflected primarily in the planner in the product packaging image color planning, to deal with the overall effect of the series. Pay attention to deal with the harmonious relationship between the colors. Always implement the practical use of color aesthetic regulation Jian. The totality of color is first and foremost reflected in the overall treatment of individual packaging and the visual impact of the product display at a distance.

Generally in the planning of the color should be simple and bright, color elements with the harmony and consistency. In this way, the planning of the packaging will have a sense of unity and intense visual attraction. In addition, in the product packaging color planning, not only for the isolated single product to plan, should also take into account the enterprise’s shape idea color, standard color and other elements, as long as this, the planning of the packaging will be consistent style.

5, outstanding product fashion

Different generations of packaging planning reflects the aesthetic characteristics of different eras, different regions and time periods have different prevailing trends in packaging planning, reasonable, commonplace use of the prevailing color of the era, catering to the needs of the customer’s mind, can obtain the intention of direct promotion of products.

Fourth, the importance of color planning language in product packaging

The importance of color on the packaging box is obvious. We can through clear, eye-catching, intense contrast effect, directly seize the customer’s consumption habits, so that customers know the product in a relatively short period of time, and finally achieve the intention of product consumption.

To achieve such an intention how do we need to do it?

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