Packaging printing three major ways: flexographic offset gravure printing

Packaging printing three major ways: flexographic offset gravure printing

Packaging printing refers to the decorative patterns, designs or text printed on the packaging, as a way to make the product more attractive or more descriptive. Packaging is the continuation of the production process of goods in the process of circulation, is an indispensable condition for goods into circulation, consumption. With the emergence of new technologies and products, it will further expand the packaging market. In this sense, packaging printing is the never-ending printing industry. There are many printing methods of packaging printing, the more commonly used printing methods are as follows:

  Packaging printing commonly used printing methods: flexographic printing

  Flexographic printing is a direct printing method that uses a raised image printing plate with elasticity.

  The main advantages of flexographic printing are:

  1, simple equipment structure, easy to form a production line. In offset printing, gravure, flexographic printing equipment in the three major flexographic printing machine is the simplest structure. Therefore, the price of flexographic printing machine is relatively low, the printing enterprise equipment investment less. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, easy to use and operate, easy to maintain. At present, the vast majority of flexographic printing machine, with such as soup gold, varnishing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, creasing, punching, window and other processing line to form a production line. Greatly improve labor productivity.

  2, a wide range of applications and substrates. Flexographic printing can print almost all printed materials and use all substrates. Especially in the packaging printing of corrugated paper printing has a unique this.

  3、Wide use of water-based inks. Offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing three major printing methods, only flexo printing is currently widely used water-based ink. Non-toxic and non-polluting, for the protection of the environment, especially for packaging printing.

  4, the cost is lower. Flexo printing cost is low in foreign countries has formed a broad consensus.

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