Packaging printing in the environmental protection packaging need to pay attention to what matters

Packaging printing in the environmental protection packaging need to pay attention to what matters

Now many environmental protection things have permeated every aspect of our lives, many of our enterprises are also developing environmentally friendly industry, and our government departments are also in strong support of environmental protection, to give great support. However, we can not just seek environmental protection, not according to the fact that the law to carry out; that we do packaging printers in the environmental protection packaging needs to pay attention to what matters?

First, packaging and printing planners should try to use green packaging materials and planning for long-life packaging materials, packaging can be greatly reduced after the abandonment of environmental pollution.

Second, packaging reduction. In some developed areas, many supermarkets to encourage customers to use the repeated use of nylon shopping bags, and less disposable plastic bags, the use of materials used in packaging planning as much as possible to reduce, as far as possible to eliminate unnecessary packaging, and promote simple packaging to save resources.

Third, the packaging material monomerisation. We need packaging materials as much as possible to choose not only to meet the packaging requirements of the material, but also to ensure that the packaging and printing materials as simple as possible, do not mix heterogeneous materials, in order to facilitate the recovery and use, to avoid adding the cost of recovery and processing.

Fourth, packaging planning can be disassembled. Demand for composite material structure of the packaging should be planned as a detachable structure, which is conducive to the recovery and use after dismantling, but we also need to ensure that the strength of our boxes, to ensure the safety of our products.

Fifth, pay attention to the reuse of packaging materials. We use recyclable, reusable and recyclable packaging, improve the life cycle of packaging, and then reduce packaging waste.

Sixth, the harmlessness of packaging materials. The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive regulates the level of heavy metal content (lead, show and mind, etc.), for example, the content of lead is less than 100 PPM. our country should also prohibit the use of or reduce the use of certain packaging materials containing lead, mercury, tin and other hazardous ingredients by means of legislation, and rules on the permissible content of heavy metals.

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