How long is the lead time for packaging boxes in packaging printing

How long is the lead time for packaging boxes in packaging printing

In the packaging element as a customer, in addition to the printing quality of the box, another important thing is the (packaging box) delivery cycle. We often meet customers who ask how long your company’s delivery cycle is, because some customers’ orders are relatively urgent, so they are very concerned about the delivery cycle of our packaging printing factory.

So how long is the general production cycle or delivery cycle of our packaging boxes?

Nowadays, packaging boxes are basically custom-made, 90% of our customers are custom-made, there are occasionally some small batch wholesale orders on 1688, and some customers are taking samples, and after taking samples, they are still turning to custom-made. Customised boxes are different from traditional retail boxes because of the special advantages of customisation, which can meet the needs of many customers to print their company name and logo on the boxes and bags.

Because of the customisation, the workload is still very large, some of them also need to do planning, and after planning, the boxes have to be prototyped, and the customer then acknowledges them, before the bulk production of large samples, so there is a fixed production cycle.

When customers consult us about the delivery cycle, the production cycle we report to customers under normal circumstances is 15 days, and there are shipments within a week if fast. If the customer’s order quantity is large, the delivery time will also be delayed by 7 days. In the absence of any sudden accidents, Sakurami will strictly follow the acquisition contract signed between the two sides and ship to the customer within the marked production cycle.

What are the factors that affect the delivery cycle of packaging boxes?

1、The printing quantity of the packaging box

As we have mentioned above, the quantity is an important element that affects our delivery cycle, if the printing quantity is small, we will be able to ship quickly, if the quantity is large, our delivery cycle will be added later, extending our packaging printing factory’s delivery cycle.

2, the process requirements of the packaging box

Our delivery cycle is also limited by the packaging box printing process, our packaging box after the processing process (such as: hot stamping, hot silver, laminating, UV, laminating pit, die-cutting, embossing, beer, etc.) the more chaotic, the longer the production cycle will be. As each process has its own unique nature, each process on the time spent on different.

3, the production strength of the packaging printing plant

(Packaging printing factory) production strength is also an important factor, production strength is the guarantee, whether it is from the quality or other aspects such as after-sales service. Strength of the manufacturer’s customer repurchase rate is also high, conducive to the establishment of long-term relationships with customers, which is conducive to saving manufacturing costs, time costs.

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