Why does the phenomenon of flying ink occur when printing by packaging box manufacturers? How to eliminate it?

Why does the phenomenon of flying ink occur when printing by packaging box manufacturers? How to eliminate it?

We often present the phenomenon of flying ink in the printing of packaging boxes, which will not only form pollution to the environment, but also to our people’s health, the environment and health are the main concern of our work (packaging box manufacturers), without the environment and health everything is empty talk!

We Shenzhen packaging box manufacturers on the above issue below for a brief analysis of this issue.

First, what are the reasons for the occurrence of flying ink during printing?

The reason is that when the ink transfer, in the two touching ink rollers, the fiber in two or more places, is blocked or stretched when the fracture occurs, because the external tension becomes spherical. At this time, the double electric layer that exists at the interface between the fiber and the broken piece is damaged, and part of it remains in the ink, and the other part escapes to the atmosphere with the opposite charge. When the fiber is shortened, the residual charge in the ink gradually stacked in the ink roller and the paper exterior.

Broken pieces with the same charge as the ink, close to the ink rollers or paper, was crowded out in the air to form flying ink.

When the high-speed machine with viscous ink, low-quality connecting material, easy to make the ink in the ink roller rotation, pulling the long silk occurred in serious (packaging boxes) flying ink phenomenon, so we have to choose different printing equipment according to the different mechanical functions to match the ink, in order to prevent the phenomenon of flying ink.

Second, what are the factors that affect the flying ink?

1, the ink viscosity is too large, ink in the ink roller outlet is stretched, easy to fly ink, together with the formation of uneven ink transfer, so that the paper plucking powder, paper from the blanket stripping difficulties, easy to spend, off the plate; viscosity is too small, the ink layer is not well cut, easy to fly ink, together with easy to make ink emulsification, floating dirty, paste plate, network expansion, affecting the quality of printing products.

2, the thicker the ink layer on the ink roller, the greater the flying ink. Proofing on coated paper, ink layer thickness at 1.2 microns, the ink on the plate as long as it reaches 2.8g/m2 on the line; but printing with offset paper, the ink on the plate should reach at least 4g/m2. encounter paper function on the ink adhesion is not good, easy to form the ink roller pile of ink, and then fly ink.

3, the ink roller appearance of uneven and the appearance of dry cracking, part of the ink layer thickening, ink zero volume increases, easy to fly ink.

4, the printing speed increases, the flying ink increases.

5, the relative humidity of the air is small, promote the occurrence of flying ink; humidity increases, the charge is reduced, the amount of flying ink becomes smaller.

6, if the ink in the fountain solution is too much, the formation of serious W / O emulsified ink, viscosity drops sharply, the ink filament becomes shorter, will occur serious fly ink phenomenon. Together, the fountain solution immersed in the ink will also corrode the metal ink roller, forming a hydrophilic layer on the surface of the ink roller and crowding out the ink, forming a metal ink roller deinking.

7, high molecular weight ink connection material, the ink cut in the ink is simple to pull the long silk, fly ink.

Third, how to eliminate the phenomenon of flying ink?

1, the use of high-quality alcohol-resistant ink, so that it can adapt to high-speed printing.

2、Regularly remove the rubber roller completely clean, so that the ink roller ink layer evenly, ink transfer function improved.

3, alcohol concentration control between ten to fifteen percent, too low or too high are not appropriate.

4, the amount of water bucket liquid should not be too large, otherwise the formation of ink filament shortening, obscure printing.

5、When the electrolyte is added in the ink, the flying ink will be reduced. With the participation of electrolyte, the conductivity will be increased and the flying ink phenomenon will disappear completely.

The above are the reasons for the flying ink phenomenon and the ways to reduce and eliminate the phenomenon of flying ink in the printing of packaging box manufacturers. This is a situation that will occur all the time, and requires our equipment operators to have not only a high level of skill in operation, but also an understanding of the data and specifications involved in printing, so as not to present the phenomenon as much as possible.

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