Packaging box factory packaging box spelling knowledge introduction

Packaging box factory packaging box spelling knowledge introduction

1、Hangtag-type cards and stickers, etc.
  Although it is a small thing, a little annoying thing. But the good thing is that there is nothing difficult, just be careful and calculate the scale will be able to. Roughly divided into three categories.
  (1) one cut (no bleeding), similar to the handprints, the outermost edge of the whole need to bleed.
  (2) two cuts (including bleeding)
  (3) rolling box, punching, rounded corners (the need to line up the knife version, the same spelling method as 2)
  (4) mixed spelling class, in the case of the demand for a share of the number of cases, can be mixed within the combined open layout.

2、Handwritten cards
  May engage in typing and copying to do the hand stab allies have such experience, a hand stab paper to do 8 hand stab, and then cut out with a card cutting machine. In fact, this is very bad, my experience is a hand-stick paper can do 10 hand-stick do not have to cut the card machine, if the number is small, you can use the ruler, knife, if the number is large, borrow the printer’s paper cutter, very convenient, and very economical. If you only do one or two boxes of hand stab, it happens to be colorful, and it so happens that you have an envelope in hand to do, then the blank space of the envelope is used.

3、Packaging box collage
  General large packaging boxes (more than 8K) do not have to spell plate, directly to the printer set of sun can be.
  The following is a brief introduction to the small packaging version.
  Try to do the most compact plate work under the premise of the joint opening, but the packaging box involves more post-processing, rolling the box (cut out the edges and crease line) is the most important, then you need to pay attention to the plate when the nearest two edges of the distance is not less than 3mm, otherwise it will be very difficult to arrange the knife version, to the point of affecting product quality.
  When you complete the plate (approved by the customer to sign the sample), it is best to produce a copy of the original large knife plate film, in order to facilitate the printer to arrange knife.

4、Plating of envelopes
  General manufacturing, we are accustomed to the envelope together with the “tongue” together, this approach is more costly paper (there is a blank not used), but the picture continuity is good.
  There is another way is the cover to the cover, “tongue” alone to do, so do save paper, but more a “paste work”, that is, in the product scraping more than once glue (or more than one double-sided tape). The green part of the picture is the posting part.

5, a single page way of printing
  The center (vertical center line) of the stitching part of the plate to leave 6 mm bleeding edge, that is, the four sides of each single page are left 3 mm bleeding (the need to cut two knives). (Packaging box factory)
  Clarification: If you do not have a bleeding picture, underline, or completely one color underline, etc., you can spell according to the method of 1, the center of a knife can be.

6、The following is the first to introduce the formal spelling
  Take a large degree 16K cover as an example: (Demo software: CD8) According to the needs of printing (let’s say the number) and the limitations of the printer’s equipment 8K machine, 4K machine, folio machine, full sheet machine, we spell the plate should also be adjusted differently according to the actual situation, generally spell 8K or 4K to meet with, because in the folio and full-opening presses can be used to set sun, spell sun, and through the self-turning or front and back printing to deal with.

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