The situation of market demand for packaging boxes

The situation of market demand for packaging boxes

In recent years, with the increasing commercial competition, the demand for packaging boxes in commercial malls is also increasing, and more and more enterprises are beginning to rely on product packaging boxes to improve the company’s visibility, so the demand for packaging boxes in malls is also increasing, such as cosmetic packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, watch packaging boxes, etc.

How big is the demand for packaging boxes in the market? According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 10 million couples registering for marriage in China every year. If each couple buys about 500 yuan of wedding candy on average, the country has an annual consumption of 6-7 billion yuan of wedding candy, and this consumption is still increasing year by year. Of course, the wedding candy box is not a must-have product, nor is it a fast-moving product with high update frequency, but it shows that the demand for the wedding candy box is quite large. And not to mention fast-moving consumer goods, the relative demand for wedding candy bar packaging boxes is even greater. Every household can’t do without it, and the most important thing is that its replacement frequency is very high.

Modern people no longer pay attention to the product itself, but care more about whether the packaging box is innovative and conceptual, whether it can express the brand’s moral meaning, whether it can show the personality and class, etc.

    This has a new level of demand for the conceptual planning of packaging boxes and box printing. Nowadays, the packaging boxes in the market are mainly made of paper, plastic, metal, fiber material, glass and ceramic, and some novel composite materials, which greatly meet the diversified needs of people for packaging box planning. However, among many packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes account for the largest proportion of the market, and the most important reason for this is that they meet the demand of "green packaging", which is also called "pollution-free packaging" and "environment-friendly packaging". "green packaging" is also known as "pollution-free packaging" and "environmentally friendly packaging".

  Green packaging planning concept has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, the second is to save resources which are complementary to each other, inseparable. It is the primary need for packaging is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, followed by the need for packaging materials can be recycled and reused to meet the needs of sustainable development. As we all know, paper is a recognized green packaging material because of its excellent characteristics of easy recycling and natural decomposition.

    Therefore, the packaging planning of paper products is recognized as the world's green packaging planning, and can play a lively alternative role in handling the environmental pollution caused by plastic.

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