Several aspects of packaging box printing with a high error rate

Several aspects of packaging box printing with a high error rate

The error rate we are talking about is the frequency or number of mistakes we make in the process of doing a job, accumulated in the total job. It can be said that any piece of work has its own possibility to present mistakes, in our (packaging box) printing is also the same, will more or less present some mistakes or errors. Although this is what we do not want to see, but some of the conditions are difficult to avoid. Sometimes it is formed by people’s subjective factors, and some are formed by the considerable mechanical reasons, so this has formed the existence of the printing error rate.

What are the aspects of the packaging box printing that have a high error rate?

1, packaging box printing typesetting in the text errors: typesetting manufacturing is an important work process before we print. In practical terms, typesetting is a text layout operation carried out by planning and manufacturing personnel using corresponding software under the authorization and requirements of customers. Therefore, from the point of view of our packaging box manufacturers, we will generally ask customers to sign and confirm before making the printing.

2, packaging printing out of the film and proofing errors: after the planning and manufacturing staff finished the layout manufacturing work, then enter the hair row process, which is what we generally call out of the film proofing. Generally speaking, the accuracy of the laser photolithography machine out of the film in the range of 0.01C0.1 mm. At the same time, because of the differences in the film used, will also lead to certain errors.

3, color errors: about color errors we have been introduced in previous articles, color errors are divided into three primary, one is the print and proofing of the color error; second is the same batch of prints before and after the internal color has a certain degree of inconsistency; third is the printed product color and object color error itself.

4, paper errors: because of the paper-making process, the brightness, thickness and texture of the same paper produced by different paper manufacturers will vary. So we (packaging box manufacturers) are with some high-quality paper mills for a long time, so not only to understand the quality of paper manufacturers, on the supply side of the hair also have to ensure.

5, printing machinery errors: printing machinery errors are reflected in two points. One point is the problem of overprinting accuracy, the other is the ink color problem.

6, cutting size errors: cutting that is our printing operations in the die-cutting, is to have completed other processes, we will be printed products for cutting, and then can be folded into a complete box type of work process. Whether the cutting is accurate or not is directly related to the overall appearance of our box image, closure and compactness. For general printed products, the size error of cutting is mostly 2mm above and below.

Then how can we do to reduce and eliminate the above phenomena?

The presentation of defective products must have special internal reasons, as long as we find the reasons for the production of defective products to truly achieve zero shortcomings, we need to analyze the reasons, the first thing to do is to improve each employee’s ability to identify and change their attitude toward the bad.

When we find that the printing equipment has anomalies, we need to stop in time, adopt the correct treatment, so that not only will we produce products to reduce the harm, but also to better protect our printing equipment, to extend its service life.

Printing quality is the result of the joint effect of people and things, the need for people and things to work in harmony, quality management is focused on people, materials, materials, law, the environment. We need to be in the need of the post with the right people, the choice of printing paper and ink that meet the requirements of the material, but also need to be useful management methods, when these factors to work effect, in order to cut the rate of error of our printing operations, improve our printing quality, adding customer satisfaction.

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