What is water-based ink in packaging printing? What are its applications and advantages

What is water-based ink in packaging printing? What are its applications and advantages

Many of us may have heard of the word water-based ink, but we do not know what water-based ink and its use and the advantages of water-based ink. The following is a professional packaging printer specialising in (packaging printing) for more than ten years to tell you!

What is water-based ink? Water-based ink (Water-based ink) water-based ink is referred to as ink, flexo water-based ink, also known as liquid ink, which is composed of water-soluble resins, organic pigments, solvents and related additives processed by the composite grinding and become. Water-based ink is mainly used in our cigarettes, alcohol, food, beverages, medicines, children’s toys and other packaging and printing products with strict hygiene requirements.

Due to the inherent characteristics of water-based ink – higher content of isomorphic substances, can be deposited in the thinner ink film. Therefore, compared with solvent-based inks, it is less coated. We have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce the amount of solvent-based inks by about 10 per cent compared to solvent-based inks. According to the data, when we print the same quantity and specification of printed matter, we use water-based ink to print the ink consumption is reduced by about 10% compared with solvent-based ink.

In terms of environmental protection is also very advantageous, water-based ink and solvent-based ink comparison, water-based ink better environmental protection function. Now with the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness of environmental protection green ink has become the ink industry’s mainstream printing ink. Now VOC has been recognised as one of the primary sources of global air pollution, we know that solvent-based inks will emit a lot of low concentration of VOC, but our water-based ink with water as a solvent carrier, so it is either in the process of its production, or used in the printing process, will not be emitted to the atmosphere evaporative organic gases (VOC), which is a major advantage of water-based ink.

Not only that, in the printing process (box), solvent-based inks in the organic solvents are almost completely dried and rapid evaporation out, in addition to the high concentration of VOC in the top of the printing machine is used, such as catalytic combustion or microbial treatment process, outside the air immersed in the printing shop in the low concentration of VOC is often directly into the atmosphere, if in accordance with the solvent-based inks in the share of organic solvents for the 25% ~ 35% calculation, its direct emissions into the atmosphere, if in accordance with the solvent-based inks in the organic solvents for 25% ~ 35%. If the share of organic solvents in solvent-based inks is 25%~35%, the amount of VOC directly discharged into the atmosphere is amazing. And water-based ink just to overcome this defect. This advantage not only deal with the printing ink pollution of the environment, but also conducive to the physical and mental health of our printing staff, it is worth and necessary to vigorously promote and use.

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