Good feeling of packaging design

Good feeling of packaging design

The shape, color, image and material of the packaging should be able to arouse people’s favorite emotions, because people’s likes and dislikes play an extremely important role in the purchase excitement. The good feeling comes from two aspects, the first is the useful aspect, that is, whether the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects, supply convenience, which touches on the size of the packaging, how much, delicate and other aspects. The same skin care cream, can be a large bottle, can also be a small box, consumers can choose according to their habits, the same product packaging sophisticated simple people selected as a gift, packaging poor can only be used by themselves.

When the product packaging supplies convenience, it will naturally cause consumers’ good feelings. Good feeling also comes directly from the packaging planning of the shape, color, image, material feeling, which is a comprehensive psychological effect, and personal and personal smell of the environment has a close relationship. In terms of color, each person has their own favorite and bored with the color, which of course can not be forced to generalize, but there are common points, such as most women love white and red, pink and red, they are known as the female color, the packaging of women’s products using white and red can cause the ladies love. And men love the grim and serious black, black is also known as the male color, the packaging of male specialties and black can get men’s love.

Various nationalities have different favorite colors, known as the national color, Americans love yellow, the use of yellow packaging products are hot, such as Kodak colorful film, the world’s largest construction machinery manufacturer Kadapira company products, Kureloo Lu cosmetics, Mark period – Fakuta company’s sunscreen, etc..

But the Japanese do not like yellow, the choice of yellow packaging in Japan is often not sold, some people believe that Americans love yellow is out of love for blondes, but also because in the southern states of its hot areas, the sun looks golden, here the mystery we will not discuss in depth. This national favorite mind is also relative, change, we just focus on the feeling of dislike can influence the purchase behavior

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