What are the principles and characteristics of packaging printer design boxes

What are the principles and characteristics of packaging printer design boxes

Each thing generated will have its own unique guidelines and characteristics, and so do the boxes produced by our packaging manufacturers. Let’s take a look below!

First, the planning guidelines for packaging boxes

People who understand packaging boxes basically know that our packaging is divided into two main categories: transportation packaging and sales packaging. Sales packaging is a direct meeting with consumers and the use of packaging. In addition to the application performance, it should also have a strong artistic nature, and its shape and structure planning should meet the requirements of “scientific, beautiful and marketable”. Our packaging box manufacturers should consider not only the scientific and reasonable structure when planning, but also the beauty of the shape and decoration. A good packaging shape and structure planning can not only accommodate and maintain the product, beautify the product and promote the sale of the product, but also should be easy to carry, use, exhibit and transport.

Therefore, when planning, firstly, it should satisfy the overall planning requirements, and secondly, it should coordinate the connection of structure planning, modeling planning and decoration planning, that is, the structure planning should be based on the characteristics of the packaged products, environmental elements and user requirements, etc. This requires our packaging box manufacturers to know the packaged products very well, understand its performance and application scenes, etc.

Reasonable planning of carton lid, box bottom, adhesive flap, dust flap and other components. It should be satisfied with the overall planning guidelines, but also coordinated with the requirements of modeling and decoration planning; modeling and decoration planning, from the aesthetic point of view, should emphasize the display of the packaging. In addition, size and strength planning is also an important part of carton box planning, which not only affects the appearance quality of the product, but also relates to the production and circulation cost.

Second, the characteristics of packaging box planning

The characteristics of packaging box planning are mainly expressed in several aspects: practicality, aesthetics, economy, originality and relevance. Practicality is one of the fundamental attributes of planning, and the primary consideration is to show the function and effect of the product, which can be shown by the material, structure, shape and pattern of the color box packaging.

The product’s function and function are different, and the requirements of the practicality of packaging box planning are also different. Aesthetics requires the combination of various elements in order to plan the product planning of color box packaging that meets the characteristics of the times, national characteristics and outstanding beauty. Economy is to obtain the maximum product effect with the least cost investment. Originality is to be long in the new and different, but not out of society and the times, in the surface of the ordinary shape contains a new invention.

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