Packaging box manufacturers six innovative packaging printing design, there is always one can make you heart

Packaging box manufacturers six innovative packaging printing design, there is always one can make you heart

Our packaging manufacturers are always creating more packaging plans to meet more products and supply more choices for our customers, so we are starting to think about what kind of novel packaging we can add! Here’s a look at our packaging printing factory of these six innovative packaging printing planning it! Not only will not let you despair, but also let your heart.

First, the extremely hard open window packaging printing box planning

Every customer’s problem, we will make our response, and this time is no exception. This time we have added two new colors, metallic rose gold and metallic graphite, to this very popular box. These new colors have a metallic shine, high end and elegant.

They will certainly make your products show a different kind of appeal! The different shapes and sizes can be freely selected according to your product, like a bridge combination in the hands of a master, full of endless possibilities! We also support customization of this box, so you can choose according to your size. In appearance they can be solid colors or pictures, or polka dots, and will certainly complement your packaging decoration.

Second, with dots of kraft paper heart-shaped packaging printing box planning

Love heart-shaped packaging printing box, this planning will certainly be able to bring the greatest attraction to your customers at Christmas, and this will certainly bring the most conceptual products for our customers, the most conceptual packaging! Metallic red or gold polka dots add a warmth to these boxes. After Christmas, you will even find that Valentine’s Day can be used as well, so what a great product to have a box that can be used for both holidays. This is a packaging that can be easily changed as well as more universal in nature, no one can resist love!

Three, rectangular gift packaging printing boxes

Who doesn’t love the perfect gift packaging printing box? We have carefully planned these corrugated boxes to help you present your gift from every angle with finesse. They are available in square and rectangular colors, and you can also choose from different scales and colors.

Kraft paper gift boxes with small packaging

Few people want to produce a series of boxes of different sizes because it means the cost, and here it is one of our features!

Imagine when you open your product and see this series of beautiful packaging printed boxes, they are consistent in planning and uniform in surface, does it make you feel happy? Please must see all the packaging we supply now, the scale of these packaging can be chosen, in color we have white, matte white and brown to choose from.

V. Boxes with Christmas elements printed on the packaging

What is better than free? Of course, nothing! Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we still want to get a little something for everyone on the benefits. Our planners have added a new series of boxes with Christmas elements printed on them, and you can pick eight (a set) and get one of the eight completely free! It’s easy, isn’t it? In addition to the great value, our value gift packaging is planned to change with the seasons, all for the customer! Isn’t that cool?

Six, the most gentlemanly packaging printing accessories a ribbon

With a threaded bow, I think you will love the simple beauty of this. The scale of these pre-made bows are perfect for putting on the handles of small gift bags or to easily decorate your favorite tote bags.

Sometimes you feel like you need more packaging printing planning? We often run into this problem too, but good thing we have a solution! Through the diligent work of our planners themselves, we always find different plans for our customers, because making our customers happy is always what we do, don’t you think? If you would like to see the professional case studies we can supply, please check out our custom packaging box professional page.

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