Analysis of the negative effects of the current situation and negative effects of employment in packaging enterprises

Analysis of the negative effects of the current situation and negative effects of employment in packaging enterprises

At that time, the traditional method of employment prevailing in packaging enterprises has not been able to keep pace with the times, following the changing needs of workers, the increasing awareness of human rights, a little can not keep pace with the times of employment methods will inevitably bring to the enterprise to increase the intangible cost and damage to the corporate promise.

Increase of cost

(A) Recruitment cost

The most direct loss of employees to the enterprise is the cost of recruitment. The recruitment cost includes the cost of publishing recruitment information (media advertisement, outdoor poster, employment agency registration, headhunting, job fair booth, etc.), interview cost (travel to the recruitment site, catering cost, recruitment salary, etc.), selection and evaluation fee (the cost of examinations, test machines, etc. for the selection and general ability assessment of candidates), training fee (the cost of tertiary safety training, induction training, technical training, etc. for newly recruited workers). The training fees (the costs incurred for the third-level safety training, induction training, technical training, etc.). If the newly recruited employee is fired or resigned during the probationary period, the above costs will be repeated again. The recruiting cost for general workers is about 300 RMB-500 RMB, for skilled workers and processing positions is about 1000 RMB-10,000 RMB, and for some executives is between 50,000 RMB-200,000 RMB or more. These recruiting fees do not include employee referral fees and headhunting fees inside. Most of the installation companies simply do not count this account, do not count do not know, really a calculation of a shock.

(B) the cost of processing

Newly recruited staff processing costs include training and learning fees (excluding the recruitment process of the three levels of training outside the viewing and investigation fees and send out for further training), accommodation, welfare, labor insurance, and quality loss due to unskilled operation of equipment, product characteristics do not understand, the environment does not adapt, interpersonal relationships and other factors million, and of course, all the processing costs incurred for corrective measures. A general worker’s processing costs about 30,000 yuan per year, a printing mechanic’s processing costs about 57,000 pieces per year, a department manager’s processing costs about 70,000 yuan per year, a senior executive’s processing costs about 100,000 yuan. The above-mentioned personnel handling costs are added with the progress of personnel loss rate, and there are also some unpredictable costs, such as the leakage of commercial secrets such as customer resources and central technology to the enterprise millions due to the departure of employees, as well as the adverse effects of the central staff poached by the departed.

Enterprise promise damage

(A) do not trust employees and employees do not trust

Looking at the current situation of employment in the printing and packaging industry, it is not difficult to find that inappropriate employment methods and approaches are the result of disrespect, unfair treatment and lack of trust for employees. The key point of this result will focus on the distrust aspect. If a company does not trust the workers, the workers do not know the problem is not big, once they know, the negative effect of the performance is very terrible. The negative ones are idle and do not make big mistakes, but keep making small ones; the automatic ones exaggerate the reality and create rumors, confuse people and damage equipment, and do not relieve their own “flash”, but also incite other employee groups to “mutiny”.

The employees have lost their determination to the enterprise and do not have hope, especially when the boss’s promises can not be fulfilled, it will anger the employees, as they say, “where there is pressure, where there is resistance”, this kind of aroused force is huge, but also a hair and unmanageable, some vicious cases and conflicts are in this force burst out, tough people angry people Injury, the weak destroy themselves.

Do not trust employees and employees do not trust the company’s bitter fruits are ultimately tasted by the enterprise, so the price paid is heavy, the lesson is also profound.

(ii) Supplier distrust

The performance of the enterprise is to rely on the overall staff hard work out, the traditional method of employment so that workers do not contribute to the work, can not well stimulate the enthusiasm of the work of the staff, the negative effects of the more prominent performance is the decline in product quality, operational inefficiency, shirking responsibilities, and even put the responsibility on the supplier.

(C) customers do not trust

Staff frequently change jobs, many central staff lost, the most direct is the product quality is unstable, unstable quality and the formation of customers cut. The reason for the reduction of customers is that they do not trust you, they are doubting whether you have the ability to continue to supply qualified products. A customer doubts the packaging business, which means that orders cut, long single into a short single, in other words, customers do not take you as a dish, now no longer you as their central supplier, but only in the way to reward your mouth to eat. Lost customer trust, and then want to get back from scratch, is very difficult, to pay several times more or even dozens of times the effort. Some marketing experts have analyzed, once the trust of the customer to the supplier lost, the probability of correcting from scratch is almost zero, even if it can be corrected will never return to the original. Can see how horrible it is to lose customer trust!

(D) Social influence

The impact of traditional employment methods and some bad practices in the process of employment is far-reaching and bad. Especially in the modern information society, the communication power of media is huge and agile. Since ancient times, there is “good things don’t come out, bad things spread a thousand miles”, besides, today’s public opinion tools are so fast and open, just a little carelessness will soon put the enterprise facing the wind and waves, and the enterprise will not be drowned by spittle, but also struggle in the nightmare. Fengmao packaging is a professional paper box packaging manufacturers, specializing in packaging paper box production, packaging boxes, packaging paper boxes, welcome to consult.

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