What are the production standards for packaging printing companies

What are the production standards for packaging printing companies

Standardize packaging printing industry standards, packaging printing enterprises production standards mainly follow the following GB / T, CY / T, HG / T, QB / T, YS / T standards::

GB national standard GB / T 7705-1987 lithographic decorative printing

GB/T 12032-1989 paper and cardboard printing glossy print sample preparation

GB/T 14258-1993 barcode character printing quality inspection

GB/T 18348-2001 Commodity bar code symbol printing quality inspection

GB/T 18720-2002 printing technology printing measurement and control strip application

GB/T 18721-2002 printing technology pre-press data exchange CMYK standard color image data (CMYK/SCID)

GB/T 18722-2002 Printing Technology Reflectance density measurement and chromaticity measurement in printing process control

GB/T 18723-2002 printing technology viscosity meter to determine the viscosity of the paste ink and connecting material

GB/T 18724-2002 Printing Technology Determination of acid resistance of printed matter and printing inks

GB/T 18805-2002 Commodity bar code printing suitability test

CY/T 5-1999 Quality requirements and inspection methods for lithographic products

CY/T 30-1999 printing technology offset printing plate production

CY/T 31-1999 printing technology four-color printing ink color and transparency Part 1: Sheetfed and pad-set web offset printing

CY / T 32-1999 regeneration of the Yang figure type PS plate

HG / T 2171-1991 Yin figure type PS plate

HG/T 2287-2001 rubber rollers Part 1: printing rubber rollers

HG/T 2530-1993 printing plate soft sheet with polyester sheet base

HG/T 2618-1994 printing photographic material type arrangement principles Part 1: silver salt photographic material

HG/T 2694-1995 Yang figure type PS plate

HG/T 2908-1997 printing plate-making film size

HG/T 3560-1988 printing photographic typesetting software

HG/T 3561-1988 special hard orthochromatic printing plate making soft film

QB/T 2086-1995 lithographic printing plate

YS/T 421-2000 PS plate aluminum base for printing

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