What is the storage and management of packaging printing ink

What is the storage and management of packaging printing ink

Printing ink is extremely important for packaging printing, because the quality of the ink is directly affected by the good or bad of the print, which affects the stability of the ink after printing on the packaging box, whether to ensure that after arriving in the hands of consumers is still very fine, etc.. Therefore, in the usual preservation and handling of packaging printing ink has become particularly important.

  1. The storage conditions of new ink

The viscosity of the ink is reduced with the rise in temperature, the temperature drops and viscosity increases. Some ink placed in 3 ℃ or 0 ℃ below the environment will condense into a jelly condition, the so-called gelling phenomenon, if the ink presents a “gelling”, usually need to warm up beyond the gelling point 5-10 ℃ to recover the original state. So, so in the bad weather and cold areas of the packaging box manufacturers need to pay extra attention.

When storing ink in the freezing winter, we need to store the ink in a warm storage room, generally our packaging box manufacturers have their own special warehouse for ink, which can adjust the temperature. If there is no condition and the phenomenon of gelling occurs, we need to put it into hot water to recover to its original state before use. If there is still a part of the insoluble material that can not fully recover to its original state, it will become the cause of the blockage of the mesh in printing, layout blockage and other failures. In order to be safe, use a metal mesh filter and then use it to eliminate these problems.

  1. Adjustment of the use of new ink during storage

Whether it is new ink or old ink, if we store long-term immobility, the various components of the ink will sometimes be separated and deposition phenomenon, and sometimes even make the inner wall of the container rust, causing printing failures, affecting the printing work. In order to prevent the presentation of these problems, we must give the incoming ink in order, the first incoming ink first to use, to prevent the above problems.

  1. Ink mixing and use

From the above we know that the ink long-term storage, often present the phenomenon of layering of ingredients, or the occurrence of deposition. Therefore, the use of even the new ink must be inverted ink barrel evenly shaken, or slightly mixed and then used. Shake before drinking oh.

  1. About the remaining ink handling

Because the solvent used in gravure plastic ink is a low boiling point solvent, therefore, the printing process of volatilization will make the solvent mixing ratio is out of balance, or because of the cooling of the solvent volatilization, so that the appearance of the ink or roller exterior extreme cooling, so that the moisture in the air into the ink.

And will be because in the process of printing, because of the film debris and static inhalation of dust mixed into the ink and other reasons, in the picture area is small, the amount of ink in the printing of small amounts more simple changes. The remaining ink is often lower viscosity, the occurrence of separation deposition faster. Therefore, we must mix it abundantly when we use it again next time. If the repeated use of the need to continue to store, we should be sealed, marked ink categories, and marked well.

The above is the preservation of packaging printing ink and handling methods, there are some tips, expect to save and handling of printing ink partners can be of assistance ah.

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