What does green packaging look like in packaging printing

What does green packaging look like in packaging printing

What we call green packaging is in the concept of environmental protection occurs, we need to take into account when doing packaging planning, packaging boxes, consumables, recovery and reuse and other aspects of the requirements. Our green packaging should show the points we mentioned above. That leaves us with the question: how to make a whole, practical green packaging? To do so or need to master a little methodology and skills, now we are from the structure of green packaging, green packaging, green packaging function, green packaging cycle and review the four aspects of green packaging.

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First, from the structure of green packaging

The structure of green packaging is mainly to make the packaging structure more scientific, useful and beautiful. At this level, the first serious confirmation of the fundamental product characteristics of the concept, and under its framework to consider how to improve the product’s impact on the environment, in this process we need to analyse both the functional structure of the product, but also to analyse the material structure of the product.

Functional structure needs to do the following:

1, figure out the form of the goods we want to pack, volume, category, characteristics, delivery scale, analysis to confirm the structure of the main body of the packaging product function or the function of the accessories, and further clarify the purpose of the packaging product.

2, analysis of the overall structure and function of the box, whether it can be combined with related functions or reduce the number of accessories, whether the most reasonable use of materials.

3, whether it can also save materials and reduce the volume and weight.

In the material structure need to do the following:

1, the characteristics of the packaging materials with the reasonable configuration of packaging applications;

2, the overall analysis of the composition of the product information and removability, use of effective;

3, as far as possible in the same packaging products to reduce the number of varieties of materials, in order to classify the recovery.

Second, from the function of green packaging

In order to make the purpose of the use of products more reasonable, green packaging needs to show its functionality. The fundamental thinking is to analyse the function of the product in detail in order to confirm what is the most fundamental functional characteristics, and further comment on whether the completion of these functions consumes less information and energy, and creates the smallest load on the environment.

The planning process is:

1, quantitative definition of the functional value of the product, identify the fundamental parameters corresponding to the functional value;

2, for the detailed function of the packaging product lists its guidelines and theoretical and practical measurement parameters;

3、Comment on each function unit on the material and energy consumption, according to the theory and practice of the measurement parameters for analysis, in order to study whether these functions can be completed with less material and energy consumption;

4、Compare new packaging products with reference products to optimise new product planning and development countermeasures.

Third, green packaging from the cycle cycle

Green packaging needs to consider the cyclicity of the cycle, to facilitate the whole product cycle cycle of resource consumption, environmental load for the overall description, we packaging and printing plant to ensure that the following points are met:

1、Establish the operation framework of packaging product cycle cycle;

2、List the total consumption of packaging materials, review the energy consumption in the original material state;

3, determination of packaging products in the delivery and use of the process of energy consumption, determination of packaging products in the recovery of recycled materials utilisation rate;

4, the determination of the number of final waste packaging products.

Fourth, from the review of green packaging

The constituent elements of packaging products and social and ecological elements of green packaging planning is the primary review of the target system.

The review of the constituent elements of the product means:

Decompose the packaging products into relatively independent parts, briefly describe their production process; the production process of each part of the environmental problems and health hazards that may occur in the data analysis and evaluation; there may be pollution problems in the part of the adoption of a special production process, but also through the rationalisation of the product function and structure of the part of the replacement of harmful pollution.

The review of ecological elements refers primarily to:

Environmental characteristics of the target, that is, in the safety cycle of packaging products and the environment-related objectives, including the primary target of air pollution, liquid pollution targets, solid pollution targets and exposure to acoustic pollution targets. Resource characteristics of the target, that is, in the product cycle cycle of the use of material resources target, planning resources target, information resources target and human resources target.

The energy characteristic target refers to the target of utilisation rate and energy consumption for recovery and treatment consumed by green packaging products. With regard to the above evaluation elements and objectives, on the one hand, the evaluation is conducted with reference to the existing environmental protection norms, industry norms and relevant guidelines and regulations.

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